Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Vanishing Librarian

Unlike her niece and nephew, Wendy has not been reading

So yeah, I vanished there for a bit. I spent Memorial Day weekend on vacation from the real world. Besides the usual weekend drudgery chores (ironing, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping), I didn't do a darn thing. I slept a lot and didn't read. Oh, and I've been watching my Detroit Tigers go on a losing bender (four in a row - not good boys).

A couple of items of note - I'm now an Amazon Associate, so any book cover you click on here at the blog will take you to Amazon where you can buy the book. You should do that, because I get a teeny-tiny bit of money from each sale and it takes a village to build my To-Be-Read pile.

Besides mentally checking out this weekend, I've been really busy at work. We've got about two more weeks until the end of our fiscal year and I'm spending money like a drunken Paris Hilton on Rodeo Drive. It's shameful how much I'm buying right now. Tomorrow I expect the entire cataloging department to show up with a noose.

But enough of my excuses, what's coming soon? Hopefully an exciting announcement tomorrow and back to reading. I really need to get back to reading.


Lil Sis said...

Loved the Hilton comment! What's the exciting announcement??!! Such a cliffhanger!

Lady Rooster said...

That is cool about Amazon links. I will be sure when I ordered book to come to your blog first.