Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It Takes A Village

If you blog hop around Romance Novel Land you've probably already found out about Romantic Advances - a new joint venture (with a crap-load of work being done by Jane at Dear Author) of several bloggers with apparently too much time on our hands. The brain child of Jane and Sybil, they thought it would be pretty cool if there was a web site that could be one-stop-shopping for romance readers.

I was approached (along with several other reader-bloggers) to provide content. A chance to use my librarian powers for good, rather than evil. Frankly, I think they just hit me up because they know I get neat-o catalogs, but whatever.

The web site (click on the banner in this post or on my side bar) is still in the beta phase - which means we're testing it. If there is something you love, or hate - please let us (and by us I mean Jane as she's sort of making all the executive decisions on this bad boy) know. I'm just one of the mindless drones typing in a bunch of stuff.

One thing to note, because some of us try to have lives (as pathetic as mine might be most of the time), we're only featuring RWA recognized publishers. We had to narrow it down somehow. So for those of you writing for small presses, assuming RWA likes your publisher, the best way to get your book listed on the site is to fill out the form here.

So take a look around and see if it's a site you can use. And for the Lil' Sis - yeah this was the exciting announcement I mentioned in yesterday's blog post. Probably doesn't do much for you, but it makes us romance readers happy.


sybil said...

But wendy... they are REALLY neat-o catalogs. Really we invited you cuz of the cape. Tis cool you know.

Rosie said...

I go away for one week...ONE week and look what happens. I'm off to check it out. Sounds fab!