Monday, May 7, 2007

Five Alarm

There are a few people who read this blog who actually know where I live - this post is for you all, assuming "I" made the national news. I was on my way home from work tonight to find myself stranded for two hours. Yes, I was a girl without a country when I discovered my neighborhood on fire and helicopters dumping water from the sky. Living in southern California, fire season is a very real threat and we've had no rain this winter. It's going to be a bad one folks, and this blaze is (I'm sure) merely the warm-up to what is going to be a hellish summer/fall.

The good news is that no homes were in danger. They did evacuate the nearby RV park - but that was about it. The reason I was stranded for two hours is because they closed off the main roads leading directly to my apartment. I finally learned of a bass-ackwards way to get home from a cute cop that was directing traffic. I finally made it home around 8PM. Naturally The Boyfriend was very worried about me, what with him still being in New Jersey on business. I am a grown-up, but he seems to actually be in love with me, so he was concerned for my safety. All is well, and that cute cop (and would a cute cop lie to me?) assured me that everything was under control and they had no intention of doing evacuations. That's right all you romance junkies - the book collection is safe from harm! (And isn't that really what everybody is worried about?)

Whatever we pay our firefighters, it's not enough. Bless you boys.

PS - Yes, those are actual photos, but I ripped them off. I didn't actually take any, what with my digital camera being held hostage in the apartment I couldn't get to for 2 hours. And I'm so glad The Boyfriend comes home on Wednesday. This excitement just about did me in.


Caro said...

Yikes! I didn't realize you were caught up in that.

Just this morning, the husband was saying that we needed to do the spring brush clearning given the dryness of the weather. We're not in a usual brush fire zone, but why take chances with this weather?

Whatever we pay our firefighters, it's not enough.

Too true -- and I believe you're right about it being a hellish summer/fall as far as fire goes

Karen Scott said...

I'm glad you're ok Wendy!

Rosie said...

What an adventure! We went out walking, ate early, watched Heros all without seeing a lick of news, so I didn't even know about this. Aside from my family I wonder all the time what books I'd save. Glad you didn't have to make any of those decisions. Only two more sleeps 'til the BF is home. Yay!

Got a brother whose a fire capt. They are all dreading this fire season.

Kristie (J) said...

Wow!! Scary stuff!! You hear about fires and the like in So Cal but until you 'know' someone who's affected it's just sad news for strangers.
I'm glad to hear you (and the collection) are all right!!!

Rosario said...

Oh, man, scary is right! I'm so glad you (and the books!) are ok, Wendy!

~ames~ said...

Wow, that is definitely scary stuff. Hope you're safe over the coming summer months. Glad you're ok!

Big Sis said...

If the blaze gets too close, just throw your TBR collection at it to smother the flames!!

Wendy said...

Big Sis:
You're kidding right? These are romance novels. They're full of decadence, love, and sex. If anything they'll fan the flames!

(And good lord - just think what my erotica collection would do!)

sybil said...

OMG I really need to check into a news site everyone once in a while... I didn't even know there were fires.

I know... I suck.

I am so glad to know you are ok. See this would be where the a cell phone is good. You know... emergencies (and you never know when the need to call sybil could strike).

I know, I know you can take care of yourself. But you could have saved a couple years on your boy's life because ten to one he was really worried.

ps your sis is mean

Wendy said...

The hours I spent "without a country" were spent on my cell phone. Had to The Boyfriend in Jersey to let him know why I wasn't home when he tried to call later. Also called my parents, because my mother is a news junkie and I wasn't sure if the fire had made national coverage or not. Heck, I barely heard any local coverage - and didn't know much of anything. Hence, my state of panic for a few hours.

But everything is almost back to normal. It's bee HOT here, with dry winds, but they suspect the fire will be completely out by tonight. In the meantime, L.A. is burning....