Thursday, May 3, 2007

Crap On A Cracker

The cataloging project is done. Before I started this torture, The Boyfriend suspected I had 800 books. I was praying hoping it was more like 600. Damn his eyes, he was right. I hate it when he's right because that means I'm wrong!

But it's kind of nice to have it finished, and guess what? I only had one duplicate. I haven't cataloged or kept track of my books for years and I only managed to have one dup. Yes, it is as we've suspected - Wendy is an anal-retentive idiot savant.

I'm thinking my next step will be to keep track of The Incoming. How many books am I adding to the TBR and how much am I spending. I suspect it's not much. Between the Borders gift certificates I earn with my Visa card, my online book trading, what I receive for review, my love of used bookstores, and whatever I check out from work - I really don't think that much money is leaving my wallet. Does anybody out there keep track of this? Beneficial? Depressing? Have a good method? I might have The Boyfriend design a spreadsheet for me with cool charts. He's a Microsoft Excel genius, whereas I land somewhere between idiot and novice.

In other news, I need to get some serious reading done. I hope to finish up Skin by Karin Tabke either today or tomorrow. It's a book with issues, but it's readable in a guilty pleasure sort of way. I don't want to directly compare this book to Shannon McKenna - but that should give you an idea. You know it probably shouldn't be working for you, but it's entertaining and like cotton candy. Not exactly nutritious, but it tastes good and gives you a sugar high. It's going to be hard a review to write though.

After that I have two library books waiting for me - Knock Off by Rhonda Pollero (AKA Kelsey Roberts), a mystery and We'll Never Tell by Kayla Perrin (which I'm really looking forward to!) I also got a copy of Claiming The Courtesan by Anna Campbell, and flipping through it I find my interest has waned a bit. It's a library book, so I think I'll probably check it in, send it on to some other lucky patron, and it's available if I want to check it out again. I just am so not interested in reading an English setting right now.


Rosie said...

800! ::eyes googling:: I think I'd have serious anxiety over that many.

You got them catalogued pretty quickly which leaves me with the impression if I catalogued my keepers it might not take long?

Wendy said...

You read a lot faster than I do. I tend to average 1.5 books per week. Seriously need to find a sugar daddy so I can quit my job and read for living.

Cataloging didn't take long at all! It's really easy with Library Thing because you just add titles by typing in the ISBN. Tags are totally optional. Heck, if I hadn't done them I probably could have had everything added over the course of a Saturday.

Kristie (J) said...

I see we ended up with 134 of the same books. Considering the sizes of our libraries - that's not that many is it?
And do you have a scanner? Cause you know how fun and easy it is to add the covers to the ones you don't have? Reeeaaaalllll fun and easy *g*

Wendy said...

I do have a scanner! But alas, I've packed the books back in the totes so I'd have to dig up the older ones. That said, it's even easier to add covers when some other nice Library Thing user already scanned it. I went to edit my entry for Always To Remember and some nice sole had already downloaded a scan of the cover. So I just clicked on it and viola!

Was that nice soul you? LOL

Nicole said...

lol, I have Knock Off waiting for me at the library too.

And I kinda know how much money goes out to books each month since DH keeps a spreadsheet that tracks expenses.

Kristie (J) said...

*g* I don't remember if it was me or not I've done so many of them. I've still got a few left to do but since 'the library' is in no recognizable order, it takes a while to find the books in it.
Another nifty feature is if you're checking out someone else's catalogue and see one you have, you can copy it to your library.

RandomRanter said...

800! Awesome! Just for kicks I have been tracking what I read this year (just a list in Excel - although I may just set up tags in library thing...) but I'm not tracking the $$ since that might be depressing.