Monday, April 2, 2007

Wendy's Hobby Besides Reading

Opening day. Baseball is back. And this year it's nice because I won't say my usual, "This is the year! This is the year the Detroit Tigers make it to .500!" My hopes are up boys - I want to be in the post season again.

I know about 90% of you who read this blog don't care about baseball, but I feel the need to chatter - so feel free to tune me out until tomorrow.
  • I'm not freaked out about Kenny Rogers being hurt. Do you know how much pitching Detroit has? A lot. I think we're the only team in the entire league not desperate for pitching. And seriously, off the top of my head I can think of 4 guys who can fill in as a number 5 starter. I mean, it's not like we're starting Carl Pavano (yeah I had to get that jab in there - although with my luck Pavano will pitch a no-hitter today just to piss me off). Plus we will score more runs this year. That's a fact jack. But I do think we miss Rogers in the clubhouse. You can't easily dismiss the effect he had on our extremely young pitching staff last year.
  • I'm a little more freaked out about Vance Wilson being hurt. For those of you who don't know, Vance is our most excellent back up catcher. He's also the guy on the team I'd love to go out drinking with (I don't even know if the guy drinks, but man I bet he'd be fun to bar-hop with). Pudge looks great, and was healthy all last year, but he's no spring chicken. So up comes one of our minor leaguers.
  • Our opening day match up is actually a compelling one for a change - the Toronto Blue Jays. Which means The Boyfriend (a Jays fan) and I will be screaming at the TV and each other when we watch the game later (we had to TiVo it since the start time is 10AM out here in California). I adore Doc Halladay, but hopefully he won't make my team look stupid today.
  • Curtis Granderson's next move is to run for mayor of Detroit (like anyone in their right mind wants that job!) Not only does he have a blog through MLB (check my side bar) and a MySpace page, he's now got a blog on
The Boyfriend asked me during Spring Ball what my "hopes" were for this season. I told him I wanted in the playoffs again, and he proceeded to badger me until I said, "Well of course I want us to win the World Series! Leave me alone!"

Can you feel the love?


Tara Marie said...

Thanks for the Pavano dig, needed to see that. :D

But I need to go, first pitch is in about 25 minutes.

Kristie (J) said...

Must have been interesting at your place today. And even though I like the Tigers and wish them well, I'm glad the Jays won today. I caught the last part of the 10th inning on the radio on the way home.
I know it's early in the season but at the moment, the Jays are tied for first *g*.

Wendy said...

Tara: I'm a mite touchy on the subject of Pavano. When he was a free agent he talked with Detroit then ultimately declared that he didn't want the pressure of being their "ace." So what does he do? Sign with the Yankees. Yeah, because playing for NY is such a mellow, low-pressure situation ::insert sarcasm here:: Hey, it worked out great in our favor, but I'm still bitter.

We haven't watched the game yet (I'm still at work out here on the west coast), but The Boyfriend already called to taunt me. One of our relievers (who I've never been entirely sold on) had a meltdown and loaded the bases for Troy Glaus. Um yeah, smart move. Now we get to look forward to Burnett on Wednesday....

Kristie said...

Hey Kristie... a couple of years ago, the Tigers were tied for first place this early on... not too much to go on.

It was a good game. We had some people over to watch it. This is Hockeytown and Tigertown (both teams owned by the same guy too)

I am not that worried about Kenny Rogers either. Vance is a bit worrisome.

I HEART Curtis Granderson! He is my favorite, closely followed by Nate. Curtis' parents are both teacchers and he has said he wants to go back to school and get his masters to teach when he is done with baseball. Not sure if he actually will, but as a teacher, I love it! I met him when he and Nate came to my city's event and they were both wonderful and so down to Earth.

Go Tigers! Go Wings! (First place right now!!!) I just love this time of year!

Rosie said...

Beanie Boy and Gorgeous George have already been online scouring to see when the Indians are playing the Angels (GG) and the Dodgers playing the Reds (BB).

I was thinking about you and wondering if you were going to post about opening fact I mentioned it to GG. Sure fire way to know it's really spring is BASEBALL!

Tara Marie said...

There's not a whole lot of lurve for Pavano in NY, after 2 years of injuries, stupidity and excuses we've already had enough of him, and he's going to have to pitch like an "ace" if he's going to survive the NY media circus.