Monday, April 9, 2007

Poor Baby!

My brain is toast, and it's only Monday. It's crunch time here at work. I only have about two months left in this fiscal year and I still have a crap-load of money to spend. I know this sounds like a good problem to have, but it's daunting. The problem I'm running into is that we get a really deep discount on adult fiction. I'm talking 40%. So just when I think I'm making progress, in comes our discounts and I have more money than I started out with originally.

I have no clue how this happens, it just does. And since I work for a government entity, it's very important to spend, spend, spend. In fact, my boss wants to me to overspend. I have no idea how I'm going to accomplish this, but in the meantime I'm backtracking and ordering more copies of everything. We'll see if that puts a dent in it.

In other news, The Boyfriend is going to be out of town at the end of the month on business. He seems to think that I should use this time to inventory my books. All of my books. Yes, I'm dating a crazy man. Just the thought of such a task makes my heart go pitter-patter, in a very bad way. There's a lot to be said for living in ignorance. I'd prefer not to know. But he'll just nag me like a little old lady until I do it - no matter how much I kick, scream and say, "I don't wanna and you can't make me!"

She's so mature for her age.

But hey, maybe I can make a cool contest out of it. But be patient my pretties, because nothing is happening until May at the earliest.


Rosie said...

Ummm...why does he want you to catalog them? Any particular reason?

Wendy said...

He seems to think "I need to know." I think he's hoping that if I do a cataloging and reorganization project that it will help curtail how many new books I bring into our apartment. Silly man!

shayera said...

Strangely enough, I found out I had more money than expected left in my branch budget yesterday. Which normally wouldn't be a problem, but I'm going to be on vacation during next month's ordering period and I don't want anyone else to be doing the buying.
Totally off topic, but this year's Day of Dialog before BookExpo actually has a romance panel! So far, the announced panelist is Eloisa James, whose books I really like. So I'm super excited.
The boyfriend will be lucky of you don't add to the collection while he's gone.

Amanda said...

I'll take some of that extra money... we're so short that we can't place a new book order until August! :-(

LinM said...

OH - OH - OH - the BF - catalog all the books - oh no, my keyboard is covered in red wine - fruitcake (oh well, I've washed the keyboard before - to the laundry tub I go). This is priceless.