Friday, April 20, 2007

My Mind Is On The Brink

So by now you're probably wondering, "What has happened to Wendy?"

Or maybe you're not wondering and I've just got a bloated sense of self-importance.

Either way, the reason behind the lack of blog posts this week is that I've been swamped at work with committee work. We're hosting our "first annual literary event" on Saturday. I landed on this committee when I took The Dream Job. My boss thought it would probably be a good idea for The Person Who Buys Adult Fiction to warm a seat on this committee. But like a dope (OK, my ego was stroked), I agreed to moderate the romance panel discussion. So tomorrow it's me, Jennifer Apodaca, Kathryn Jordan and Linda O. Johnston trapped in a room together with the select event attendees who want to hear us blather on.

This was actually fun to prepare for, even if I have had no time to read lately. However I'm also sitting on the sub-committee that's in charge of registration, which meant I spent all day Thursday either alphabetizing something or stuffing the registration packets. That was a little too much like work, and since leaving the branch (and working with the public), I've gotten softer.

All that and my regular work - which right now entails me spending money like Paris Hilton on Rodeo Drive. But it will all be over tomorrow, until I get back to work on Monday, sit through a "debriefing" session, and then think about planning for next year.

I think this is what is called Death By Committee.


Alie said...

Ooh that sounds like a cool committee! I'd love to come and check it out what you're on the other side of the continent lol.

Rosie said...

Wow that's not that far from me. Too bad I didn't read this until today (Saturday) 'cause I mighta come and stalked you! Just kidding -- well mostly kidding.

While browsing through the Literary Orange site I read about Barbara Seranella. What an interesting and diverse life she had. It's sad and unfortunate she died so young. I would have liked to hear her speak.

Booktender said...

Is buying the Adult Fiction not the coolest assignment on the planet???

Wendy said...

Alie: I'll propose it to my boss :)

Rosie: Yeah, I really should have posted about this weeks ago. The good news is that we learned a lot today (it was our first time) and we're planning it again for next year. The date is set (unless it all goes to hell) for April 5.

And yeah, I had never read Seranella, but reading her obit - WOW! What a life! I would have loved to have heard her speak.

Anne: It's my Dream Job. I love adult fiction more than anything (and that probably includes The Boyfriend *G*), so I wouldn't give it up unless they pried it from my cold dead hands.

mdvelazquez said...

So, how did it go?