Sunday, April 29, 2007

And So It Goes

The Boyfriend is now officially out of town on business for the next 10 days. I hate it when we're apart mostly because I don't sleep. I've gotten used to the big lug being around. I've discovered the trick to sleeping while he's away is to stay up until I've hit exhaustion. Then I collapse in bed and fall right to sleep. None of the dreaded tossing and turning. I also try to keep myself busy. Today it's more laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning out my closet and ::drumroll:: starting the dreaded book cataloging project. Yeah, I'm going to do it. Now exactly where is my bottle of tequila? Here it goes:

To our left - the infamous Rubbermaid totes. I've actually got a very warped system with these. One for anything remotely contemporary, one for hard covers and trade paperbacks, 2 for historical romance, one for series romance, and the box? I ran out of totes. How sick am I?

And to our right - the books I have piled on top of our computer desk. The Boyfriend's job entails a lot of day travel and working out of home. One respectable earthquake and the man is buried alive. Good thing we live in an upstairs apartment. He can tap out S.O.S. to the people who live downstairs.

And I ask you, what respectable TBR mountain range is without a stash of Harlequin Historicals? I love me Harlequin Historicals and the vast majority of these are westerns. Well duh. Are you new to this blog?

So there we have it. I know. I need help. Serious, serious help. And before my sisters pop up to suggest that I'm mentally ill - just remember, you both have vices too. Mine just could topple over and crush me to death.

You can follow my cataloging process on my Library Thing account.


Kristie said...

Good luck with the cataloging! I am sure it will be tons of fun!

My husband and I went to Tigers game today. Right behind home plate, about 25 rows back. A good time was had and we got to see a wonderful game! I thought about you!

Wendy said...

I watched the game on TV! I was out running errands, so missed Magglio's home run, but I caught from the 4th inning on. Inge picked the right time to find his bat - walk off homerun! Woot!

Rosie said...

Wendy, it isn't often GG is out of town any more. But when he is I don't sleep so good either. I stack pillows down the length of the bed on his side. It tricks me when I'm sleeping that there's a presence. Doesn't keep me warm in the winter, but you can't have everything.

Good luck with the cataloguing. You're a better man than I Gunga Din.

~ames~ said...

Sounds like fun, this project. :P I rearranged my room too and reshelved my books, not just the tbr piles.

No totes for me though-it would be scary if I had totes. LOL

Orhan Kahn said...

It is so cute that you miss your boyfriend so much.

Kristie (J) said...

I love seeing other readers books!! Just looking at them gives me a warm feeling *g*. And you have them so nicely stacked too!

RandomRanter said...

Pshaw. That's not so many books!

Wendy said...

Yeah totes are a bad idea. The minute we get out of Apartment Living Hell (which could take a while given the cost of houses in So. Cal.) I'm so getting myself a real library. It's my life's ambition to have a library room like KristieJ!

Rosie & Orhan: Yeah I miss him. Dang it. But I'm doing surprisingly well. It's amazing how clean the apartment stays when I'm only picking up after myself :)

KristieJ: I love seeing pictures of everybody's books too! Oh who am I kidding - I just love to salivate over everyone's book shelves.

RandonRanter - I'm glad someone thinks so! The Boyfriend thinks I have around 800 and I was thinking (OK more like deluding myself) 600. I have 2 totes to go and I've almost hit 500 - so dang his eyes I'm thinking TB is right.

Cheryl St.John said...

Well, you know I LUUUUVed the pics of your books. *g*

Cher :-)

sybil said...

I laugh at your 800 books!