Thursday, March 1, 2007

We Love Meeces To Pieces

When I escaped into the Land Of Library Administration, I left a semi-falling down public library building to come work in a pretty nice office building. We're located in what could be called an industrial park. An industrial park that used to be fairly open, and was apparently home to a horde of field mice. Every once and a while the little stinkers decide they want to move in.

They're currently setting up house in our cataloging department, where they've become quite comfortable. They've taken to crawling up on desks while the people are sitting there working! Yes ladies and gentlemen, another reason to not become a cataloger. Like you needed another reason right?

(Seriously, I got nothing against catalogers. They're great people, but it is a job I know I am not cut out for even though I love working alone and sort of enjoy mindless data entry work. That said, catalogers are all about details - sometimes bizarre, wacky details that make little sense, which is why I'd be ill-suited for that job.)

On the reading front, I'm smack in the middle of Damage Control by Robert Dugoni. This is his second legal thriller, and according to the press release I got, he sold four books to Warner right out of the gate. The guy just kept writing, then preceded to clean out his desk drawer when he got the contract.

This also happens to be my last "review book" until a new stash arrives and I'm conflicted on how I'll spend the down time. Part of me wants to dig through some romantic suspense and mystery novels. Another part of me is jonesin' for a Harlequin binge, and yet another part of me is thinking I should whittle down my growing stack of trade paperbacks. Right now I'm leaning towards Harlequin, only because I have a whole Rubbermaid tote devoted to them, and I can zip through a couple a day. Gives me the illusion that I'm actually making progress on the TBR. Ha!


Rosie said...

Mice...yikes!! I breezed through the St John HH. They are quick reads that make you feel like you are denting the TBR.

sybil said...

Do we get to vote?

I say... HH! Unless it is a tradesize I want ;)