Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Well I'm Excited

First things first - Blogger made me switch to Beta Blogger. So now I wonder - to use labels or not to use labels? I like labels, but frankly this blog is almost 4 years old and over 600 posts long. Sure, I don't have a life - but to go back and add labels to over 600 posts?! Crap. Maybe I should take it a month at a time. I could have it done by 2009 at least. What do you all think? Opinions welcomed.

Back in January I read, reviewed and liked Lisa Lawrence's debut (at least I'm pretty sure it's her debut) erotic thriller Strip Poker. Incidentally, another book that I'm having a hard time recommending to people even though I really liked it. I did mail my copy to my sister though. Maybe I can convince her to do a drive-by review for the blog. Anyway, after finishing that book I was struck by how wonderful it would work as a series - and either Lawrence, her publisher or both must have had the same thought. Book 2 is coming (tee hee) soon.

Beg Me by Lisa Lawrence
Bantam Dell, $13.00, ISBN 978-0-385-34104-2
Publication Date: May 29, 2007

From Bangkok to London to New York to Nigeria, Teresa Knight travels the globe investigating an alarming murder mystery that leads her right into the heart of New York City's BDSM (bondage, sadomasochism) cult. In order to infiltrate this mysterious culture and its posh enclaves, Teresa is forced to partake in new sexual practices...and have some fun of her own along the way. But as she starts to unravel how two murders - separated by almost forty years and several thousand miles - can be linked to a larger, more terrifying scheme, she finds herself in very dangerous territory.
Observations On My Part:
I totally dig this cover, but dang that girl has like no hips! And yeah, the BDSM thing has been beat to death (tee hee), but I'm willing to overlook this since I really enjoyed the first book and the memorable heroine. And seriously, how can you not love the idea of an erotic thriller series? The mystery lover in me is giddy.


Kristie (J) said...

Ah - so blogger forced you too eh? I wasn't sure if it did me or not since it happened while I was on dial-up and I thought maybe that triggered something. And as for using tags - I tried but it didn't let me get into them - unless you have to set them up first. I still haven't investigated all the ins and outs of this *new* version of blogger yet. But one thing I've noted already - I like the posting picture feature!

Sheri said...

Wendy - almost finished with Charmed Thirds and Strip Poker is next on my list. Sure, I'll give my two cents...Oh, and I agree - no hips on the new cover! How is she holding up those ropes?

Marg said...

I have to admit that I went back and relabelled in the space of two days...I was just addicted to it!

Tara Marie said...

I too was forced to make a change, which actually worked out okay because they seem to have worked out the kinks.

I haven't decided if I'm going to go back and label/tag everything. It seems like a huge project, I've got 600 posts over the last 2 years. I might go back and do the last six months, see how long that takes and then consider the rest.

AAR Rachel said...

I did it - twice. Before I switched from LJ, I did it, and then, almost before I was done, I moved over to blog-city and did them all over again. And I sometimes have to go back to see if my labels have "stuck" because occasionally they disappear.

But I'm anal and compulsive and want my blog organized, just for my own piece of mine. So it was worth it. Sort of.