Friday, February 16, 2007

This Is So Me?

The Lil' Sis sent me this YouTube video this morning with the subject heading "This Is So You." Yeah, the secret is out. It's not just casual Fridays here in the library world, it's also Synchronized Wreck The Card Catalog Day. Further commentary from Lil' Sis includes "Oh, and can you BELIEVE what she did to the card catalog!!!! That is just EVIL!!!" Yeah, but really what's the girl supposed to do? She's got to get that sexy geek's attention somehow.

And neither here nor there - I love the fact that card catalogs are still synonymous with libraries even though I haven't seen a working/updated one in years. The irony is that most of the kids watching this video or dancing to the song in the clubs have no clue what a card catalog is.


Lil Sis - Sheri said...

Like I said...she's you have to excuse the video - I mean, they like David Hasselhoff!!!

Oh, and to quote the Simpsons, "No one who speaks German can be evil!"

Wendy said...

This video actually blows the lid of a well-kept secret. Librarians wait until the library is relatively empty then we all jump on the tables and shake our groove thangs. Seriously. We do.

Rosie said...

Except for the short time I lived in Cleveland, Ohio I've never seen library tables or desk like this. Just a little table with a scan side in and one side out. Not nearly enough room available to dance.

Wendy said...

Yeah, I tend to only see tables like that in academic libraries - or very large public institutions on the scale of say, New York Public Library (and having never been there, not sure if they have tables that big).

Most libraries have tables only big enough for maybe one or two people, and then you'd have to dance in place. No strutting around like it's a runway :)

Kerry said...

Oh, and that's the hottest male librarian I've ever seen.

Those books she's dancing in front of look like the old OH Reporter. How much of a dork am I to notice that?