Thursday, February 1, 2007

Oh Look, He Brought Me Flowers

Nobody ever seems to pimp series romance. But we're talking Cheryl Reavis here people! Cheryl Reavis! The only author who has both a historical and a contemporary in my beloved stash of "keeper" books. You know how it is with most authors - you love them in one genre and when they switch - well you just can't make the switch with them. Reavis happens to be one of my favorite authors, but one of my more problematic ones. Why? She must have a life, because she doesn't churn out that many books. Oh well, I'll take quality over quantity any day. I'm selfish though. Can't help it.

She has a new contemporary coming out from Silhouette Special Edition in March, and it sounds really good! Can't wait! Take a gander:

Medicine Man by Cheryl Reavis - Silhouette Special Edition #1815, March 2007, ISBN 9-780373-24815-5


He was about to go to a war zone. He couldn't get involved with a woman now.

She was in a battle for custody of her son. She couldn't risk a new romance.

He was half Navajo; he embraced the spiritual wisdom of his ancestors.

She knew nothing about his traditions.

And both Will Baron's and Arley Meehan's big, protective, opinionated families opposed the two of them being together.

If they were smart, they'd walk away from each other fast. If they followed their hearts, who knew what might happen…


shayera said...

I went to library school with one of Cheryl's cousins. He's one of my favorite people.
Non-sequiter of the day.
But I like her books quite a bit. And I agree with you, I wish she'd write faster!

Nicole said...

You're right, that does sound good.

And flowers are nice. :-) Especially when they are unexpected.

Tara Marie said...

Cheryl Reavis is one of my favorite series authors. I don't read as much category romance as I used to but she is one I'll pick up without a recommendation. And you're right this one sounds good.

sybil said...

Oh cool! I have been waiting for Feb so I could order that... yeah.

Wendy said...

You had told me that story before! Me, I'd be hitting him up for all of his cousin's books - but I have no shame.

Nicole: I know, I love unexpected flowers. What a nice guy!

Tara Marie: I don't even care that it's a contemporary and not a historical. Any new Cheryl Reavis book is like a holiday!

jenreads said...

Just ordered this one. I loved "The Older Woman" and just reread it. It looks like this one picks up at the wedding reception of that one. Very excited to get it.


shayera said...

I totally suck for repeating stories! Sorry Wendy.

Wendy said...

That's a cool story, so you're allowed to repeat it to me however many times you want :-)