Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Upcoming Library Program

Hey, if you're a Southern Californian, live in or around the O.C. and you want to hear me give my Romance Genre For Dummies talk on the evening of February 7 - drop me an e-mail (see left side bar) and I'll give you the particulars. If nothing else, we can have a spirited debate on the differences between erotica and erotic romance. C'mon, like you have anything better to do?


Kristie said...

Hey Wendy-

Check out this article about Nate Robertson. It's great, and I really enjoyed it especially because he is sticking around my home area... Detroit. (I would soooo be outta here if I could convince my husband!)


If the link won't work, check it in the Free Press, www.freep.com

Wendy said...

Thanks Kristie! I love it when Tigers fans look out for me, and I adore Nate.

shayera said...

Rats! I wish I could come to your talk. But there's no way I could get anywhere near the OC before 7:30 on a weeknight.
Break a leg, though!