Wednesday, January 3, 2007

2006 In Review: The Numbers

I'm going to follow Rosario's example and break down my 2006 Year In Reading analysis to several blog posts. Less cumbersome that way me thinks. Today, let's look at the numbers.

I finished 95 books in 2006. Some of you will think this is very impressive (my sisters), while others of you will think, "Geesh, Wendy is either the World's Slowest Reader or a major slacker." I'm marginally happy with this number. I finished 105 books in 2005, so my total was down, but when one factors in that my previous all-time high before '05 was around 80 books - well 95 still looks pretty good.

Out of those 95, 48 were books I reviewed for The Romance Reader. Which means at this rate, as long as I keep reviewing I will never be in danger reading through my TBR mountain range.

Breaking it down by month, June was a personal best with 18 books read. I spent most of June not reviewing and reading through some series and Harlequin Historical titles. That bumped up my total considerably. October was dismal, with only 3 books read. In my defense, I was in the middle of moving and lordy, how I hate moving.

As far as grades went, I had this preconceived notion that the quality of my reading was pathetic in 2006, but not so! Here are my grades compared to my 2005 totals:



A Reads = 8

A Reads = 7

B Reads = 34

B Reads = 37

C Reads = 34

C Reads = 41

D Reads = 16

D Reads = 17

F Reads = 3

F Reads = 3

So I didn't get any "nicer" or "meaner" in 2006. At least I'm consistent.

Some of you (authors probably) are wondering why my C-F grades are so high. Why do I keep reading a book that obviously isn't working for me? The answer, TRR. If I'm assigned to review, I finish it - no matter if my eyes are bleeding. Which I guess means I'd have a Happy, Happy Sunshine Review Blog if I weren't reviewing. If I'm reading a "dud" on my own time, I don't finish the book. So no review. TRR keeps me honest in a way.

As far as genres, I had a decent mix this year. My system for catagorizing books is a bit convoluted. I often times classify the book as two or more genres (for instance a western anthology is marked under "western" and "anthology"). Here's the breakdown:

1 American Historical (non-western)
8 Contemporary
1 Crime
5 English Historicals
9 Erotica
1 Literary Fiction
16 Mystery
2 Non-Fiction
9 Paranormal
4 Romantic Suspense
16 Series (Harlequin, Silhouette etc.)
1 Time Travel
1 Women's Fiction
19 Westerns
2 Anthologies
2 Young Adult

Next blog post - let's start with the good first shall we? The best reads of 2006.


Cheryl St.John said...

Wendy, you blow me away with how many books you read. You are my idol.

Rosario said...

Hmm, maybe the feeling that your 2006 reads had been bad comes from the extra C books? Those are the ones that get me kind of depressed. The Ds and Fs get me angry, but those ho-hum Cs just get me down.

Wendy said...

You're probably right! I think my "C" numbers were up thanks to those 18 books I read in June. Most of them were Harlequins, and while pleasant, there were only a handful that knocked my socks off. The good news, I didn't read anything truly awful during that stretch - but the "C" or average books do have a tendency to blend into the background for me.