Tuesday, December 26, 2006

You'd Think I'd Learn

I do this to myself every time I travel. I have this fear that I'll run out of books, so I tend to pack more in my carry-on luggage than I'd ever hope to read. Outside of finishing Redemption by Carolyn Davidson (which I did on the plane ride to Michigan a week ago), I haven't finished another book. I am halfway through Sugar Skull by Denise Hamilton, but between my sister's wedding who-ha, Christmas and seeing everybody I promised I'd see - well no reading time!

So what do I do today? Hit my favorite used bookstore in the area, of course! Makes perfect sense! I picked up Girl's Guide to Witchcraft by Mindy Klasky (chick lit paranormal and the heroine is a librarian), The Shadow by Shelley Munro (cat burglar heroine) and The Gunslinger's Bride by Cheryl St. John. You'd think since I like St. John's books so much that I would have had this one already, but I think at the time I was scared off because it's part of Harlequin's long-running Montana Mavericks series. I figured what the hell. Even though I overdosed on romance series about 50 years ago, I like St. John too much to not have a copy.

And because even I'm not immune to series-itis, fangirl-ie-ness - I hit Barnes and Noble today to find a copy of Bride and Doom by Deborah Donnelly. The laydown date was today, and yes - mission accomplished.

Back to California tomorrow.


Kristie (J) said...

Well - since two of your winner were ones I thought you should read *grin* I hope even though you didn't get to read them on your trip, you still plan on reading them ;)

Kristie said...


I live in Michigan. What is the used bookstore that you like so much? What area is it in? I am in southeastern Michigan.

I am jealous you get to leave the cold weather for California!

Wendy said...

Well of course I still plan to read them, it's just they're going back in the TBR - so who the heck knows when I'll get to them. I'll probably leave them out "close" since most have been in the TBR for a while and I really need to do a better job reading through some of my older books.

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