Monday, December 4, 2006

Superman Is Gay

Just another Sunday night at the home of a mild mannered librarian....

The Boyfriend
: So will you watch Superman Returns with me?

Me: Sure

Some time later....

Me: If you're going to have Kevin Spacey (who totally rocks!) play Lex Luthor at least give him something to do! This movie is going to go somewhere any minute now, I can feel it!

The Boyfriend: I always hated the character of Kitty. Like Lex Luthor would put up with someone like her.

Me: That kid is creeping me out. Doesn't he look just like Christopher Reeve?

The Boyfriend: Not exactly like him, the forehead is similar though.

Me: I'm telling you, it's his long lost son!

Photographic evidence:

Getting towards the end of movie

Me: Superman is so gay.

The Boyfriend: Why don't you like Superman?

Me: Like how stupid are these people? Clark Kent takes off his glasses, throws on some spandex and nobody recognizes him?

The Boyfriend: It's all about attitude. Nobody sees the similarities because Clark doesn't act like Superman. Clark is a bumbling idiot.

Me: And what's with the pining away for Lois? Sorry, but girlfriend isn't that hot. This is what annoys me about Spiderman too - he pines away for that annoying Mary Jane. Batman never pines - that's why Batman is cool.

The Boyfriend: What about Catwoman?

Me: OK, she wears black latex and carries a whip - I mean can you blame him? What with his vigilante tendencies and his inability to move on from his parents' deaths, Batman is the poster boy for antiheroes. Batman has issues. Besides, maybe his attraction to latex-lovin' Catwoman means he's a switch.

The Boyfriend: coughing Batman as a switch?! Wendy, you need help.

Me: You know I'm right, you just won't admit it.


David said...

I love comicbook heroes and such, but was never a Superman fan. He's "too super". I do think there's one interesting thing about his character though: almost every superhero is a "normal person" who happens to have some sort of super power and they get in character to be the hero. Superman's the opposite. He's really Superman and he gets in character to be "normal". It's simple, but it is one of the things I actually like about the story. I haven't seen the new movie yet. I think it might be the only comic book movie I haven't seen. I'll wait for cable (HD).

~ames~ said...


I watched this movie half-heartedly. Am not a fan of Kate Bosworth.

jmc said...

LMAO -- Batman as a switch! Hadn't thought about it, but you are totally right.

Superman is ~meh~, imo.

Kristie (J) said...

LOL - what a riot of a conversation. And I think you're right. I don't get the whole Superman thing either, but Batman on the other hand.....

Colleen Gleason said...

Hee hee hee! I knew there was a reason I liked the Caped Crusader the best...and you nailed it.

Thanks for the chuckle. And now...I'm going to go see if I can rustle up some black latex and a whip and see what my dh is up to.... ;-)

Nicole said...

I really never liked Superman. He always seemed :-) In all senses of the word. Kinda silly, really.

David said...

One other random thought I have to point out: Wendy has Batgirl as her blog logo. "Kick-ass superhero by night" and all that. Batgirl is gay, so don't hate your peeps Wendy Darling ;)

Wendy said...

That's Batwoman (AKA Kathy Kane) who is a lesbian. Batgirl (AKA Barbara Gordon) is the librarian and as far as I know - straight as an arrow.....

David said...

Wikipedia says Batgirl's Batwoman's niece. Blah.