Friday, November 10, 2006

And You Thought I Was Done With Baseball

My gut instinct is to not be happy about this. The Tigers (in their infinite wisdom) have just worked out a trade with the Skankies for Gary Sheffield. In exchange, we gave up 3 pitching prospects.

Why it could be good: Sheffield, when he's not being a whiny bitch, can hit. Lord knows we need more of that. Also, Leyland coached (um, put up with?) Sheffield when they were both in the Marlins organization - so maybe it won't be a total cluster fuck.

Why I pretty much hate it: Have I mentioned the whiny bitch thing? Also that gay mustache. The only guy who had a worse mustache than Sheffield this year was Jason Giambi, who spent most of this past season looking like a 1970s gay porn star. Shef also has a reputation for being a cancer in the locker room. Color me wacky, I just don't want him around my young team.

Of course, I was also the girl who was unhappy when we traded away Jeff Weaver (who floundered considerably until this past post season) - hated the Magglio Ordonez deal (I still think we're paying him too much though) - and really hated the whole Kenny Rogers signing (I thought he was "too old"). So maybe this will work out OK for us. I don't know jack about the pitchers we gave up, except for Sanchez, who was considered one of our top prospects and had injury issues this year. Hopefully none of those guys turn out to be the second coming of Cy Young.


David said...

If I had it in me, I'd mail you a family pack of toilet paper for all you'll have to deal with from Sheffield next season.

Wendy said...

The Boyfriend keeps trying to convince me that this trade is a good thing. That Gary only bitches about playing time and money - both of which shouldn't be an issue in Detroit since he's going to be our primary DH (with some time in the outfield) and we've already signed him to an extension.

I remain skeptical.

Tara Marie said...

Well, I for one can't stand Kenny Rogers and Jeff Weaver isn't too high on my list either. Neither could pitch in NY--too much stress, whiny girly men--LOL.

And as to Sheffield, you're welcome to him, he can be a malcontent in someone elses locker room. But "The Boyfriend" is probably right, it'll probably work out just fine for the Tigers.