Saturday, October 7, 2006

So How's That Murderer's Row Thing Working Out?

I take it all back.

In case you're living in a cave, or just don't care - yes, my Tigers beat the Yankees. Yes, the Yankees are going home to face Georgie Porgy (who I imagine had an anuerysm sometime during Game 3) and my boys are going on to face the Oakland A's for the American League title.

But I won't gloat. Instead, here are some quick hit thoughts from yours truly:

  • I'm not a true fan. Yep, I thought my boys were going to get their dumb-asses swept by New York.
  • I thought the AL title would come down the Yankees and the Twins - both teams are now done for the year. Shows you what I know.
  • I worried a lot about our pitchers these last two games. Kenny Rogers ends up pitching the best game of his career (and that's factoring in that the guy once threw a perfect game) and Bonderman looked great today. My motto for the rest of the playoffs? Keep worrying about my pitching and they'll do great.
  • I think Torre is out the door. The Boyfriend thinks I'm full of shit. But they got knocked out in the first round by my Tigers this year, ditto for 2005 except it was the Anaheim Angels and let us not forget that they were up 3-0 in the series against Boston in 2004 and blew it. Boston then went on to win their first World Series title since 1795 (slight exaggeration that).
  • Detroit has won, and is advancing - but nobody will be talking about that. Everybody will be talking about "what's wrong with the Yankees?" and "why the Yankees lost" and "how do they fix the Yankees?" Who bloody cares?! Nobody! My team won! Talk about them! You know - the guys who won! And just for fun, how about pronouncing their names correctly?
  • I think my Yankees Suck T-shirt is bad karma. I wore it during Game 1 and we lost. I put it on for Game 2 and it was rained out. I didn't wear it after that and we win the series. Bye-bye bad juju.
  • This one is for Kristie. The Boyfriend is jumping on the bandwagon until (if) Detroit meets the Mets. Then he's off the bandwagon and pulling for Carlos Delgado. I can't fault him too much for this - but I still might smother him in his sleep if it doesn't go my way.
Other than that, doing a lot of packing and still in denial about moving. Oh and not reading a whole lot. Probably not a good thing since I just got more review books today.


Kate R said...

YOU are a true fan. YOU cared about them forever. And what about that exboyfriend back in NYC? Can you gloat at him?

Rosie said...

Why is that no matter who beats the Yankees it IS always about the Yankees? Damn Yankees!

David said...

Thinking your team will win no matter what doesn't make you a fan - hoping they will, believing they can - that's what does it.

Like the last couple of seasons, the Yankees simply collapsed. Bonderman pitched well today, but the Yankees were certainly fond of chasing pitches, a brand new 3-day trait.

The "Murder's Row" stuff was pretty irritating, probably more for Yankees fans who realized the Yankees barely had that lineup this season (and played better without it!). Next year could be the year of "not picking up the option" and I'd love to say a decrease in payroll, but who knows how much money they'll throw at Zito and balance it back up.

Jim Leyland is probably hoping (and helping steer) the media towards the "what's wrong with the Yankees?" fixation. The less pressure on the Tigers, the better it is for the club. I know you don't care, but it's probably better for your team.

Tara Marie said...

Congrats to you and your Tigers.

The NY media is already saying Torre is gone and Pinella's in, we'll see.

Enjoy and good luck agains Oakland.

Kristie (J) said...

I got caught up in something else yesterday and forgot the game was on. Bad sports fan!! Bad sports fan!! So when I got up this morning and saw that Detroit won (and damn it all! I missed it) the first thing - honestly - I thought was that Wendy must be doing the best darn happy dance. I can relate to the boyfriend's thinking - I really can *g*. But if it gets down to those two teams, I'll still stick with the Tigers but hope that Carlos Delgado has himself one hell of a series. And with Steinbrenner as owner - there is no way Torre is not out. And that's a pity because even though I don't like the Yankees (I'm censoring that in deference to Tara) I've always liked him as manager.

BigSis said...

That David fellow is right. Let the media keep talking about the Skankies, the less said about our boys the better. I think they play better when expectations are low. That's why I was glad they met NY in the first round, like Josh said, "no one expects them to beat the Yankies". As far as Torres job goes, you and Dan aren't the only ones packing today.
All the boys on baseball tonight are picking the Tigers against the A's. I wish they'd get off the bandwagon. Like I said, I think the Tigers play better with low expectations (from the media).
Anyway, I suppose the boys will be enjoying some NFL or NASCAR today, then back to work tomorrow. GO TIGERS! (Josh says we might get to go to a game, but I won't brag until I have tickets in hand.)

Suisan said...

Congratulations, Wendy!!

And as a Red Sox fan, let me just add, that it is ALWAYS about the Yankees. No Matter What. We even had a lunar eclipse the night the Red Sox won the series but somehow it was a symbol of the Yankee's defeat rather than a cosmic sign that the Red Sox were destined to win.

Shakes head.

Detroit against the A's? Darn it--now I have to go hide under a rock. I usually root for Oakland, but in this case it might be better for me not to--gotta hope that the Tigers keep advancing, right?

Wendy said...

Sis: Yeah, I was watching Baseball Tonight too. When they all started picking Detroit I was like, "shut up, shut up, shut up!"

David - I don't want to think about Zito in NY. But then I was upset when Pavano signed and look how well that turned out! Personally, I think for the Yankees to get back to dominance they need to stop throwing money at overpriced All-Stars and start drafting good, young players again. But what do I know?

As for Detroit vs. Oakland - I think it's anybody's series at this point. Also, I won't be surprised if it goes to 7 games.....

Colleen Gleason said...


It was a great weekend for sports, in my book anyway. Those Tiges did great; love'em! I was in HS when they won in '84, and it's so fun to have them BACK!

And I'm a Michigan fan, so was tickled that they whomped MSU.