Monday, October 30, 2006

High Ons, Monkeys And Brain Melt

This is how my weekend went:

Thursday - Leave work early, check out new apartment, sign lease, fork over a cashier's check.

Friday - Take day off work, start hauling boxes to new apartment. Think about dying around lunch time. Boyfriend gets home from work, finish packing, half pay attention to Game 5 of World Series (all around depressing), take 2 more car-loads of crap to new apartment.

Saturday - Movers show up promptly at 8AM (they said they'd be there "between 8-9AM"). The guy in charge did a little "wake n' bake" because let me tell you, I got a buzz standing next to him. But generally speaking, I've had good experience with pot-heads since moving to California. The only competent DirecTV installer I ever got (after seeing about 6 of them) was a major high-on. Takes 'em 6 hours to move us, and they did a great job. My advice - if you have to move, talk to coworkers, friends, relatives, whomever and get recommendations. I found this company through a coworker and they were awesome!

Sunday - Run various errands, take Boyfriend to Old Apartment so he can watch football, clean up Old Apartment so our landlord isn't attacked by Killer Dust Bunnies.

What's left? Well we have phone service as of this morning. I called the New Apartment and got my answering machine. Also, the gas company is supposed to show up today. That's right - we don't have hot water yet! I've kept up with the personal hygiene (for which The Boyfriend and coworkers are most thankful), but it's been a decidedly shocking experience.

Wednesday will bring loads of fun. Our DSL will be turned on (that's OK, my home computer is still sitting in a box), DirecTV is showing up (and if they say the wrong thing to me, I told The Boyfriend he might have to dispose of a body when he gets home) and the phone company is coming out to install another phone jack.

That's right - we failed to notice it until after we moved in, but there is no phone jack in the living room! The main damn room of the apartment. Does this make sense to anyone? Anyone who isn't high?

Also, I have further proof that DirecTV is run by a group of poorly trained monkeys. I talked to The Lil' Sister yesterday. She's all set to get TiVo, so contacted DirecTV about getting a DVR through them. Sure, they'll send her one for $100. That's when Lil' Sis points out that they're offering the DVR to new customers for free, and she has been a good customer for 3 years. So for being such a good customer for 3 years, she's being charged $100 for a service that customers with no standing with the company are getting for nothing. Uh, OK. Again, does this make sense to anyone who isn't high? Swear to God, if NFL Sunday Ticket wasn't holding The Boyfriend hostage I would gleefully never deal with these idiots ever again. But that's just me.

And in reading news, I haven't been doing any. My brain is still sitting in a box in my computer room/home office.

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Rosie said...

I've been wondering how the move went. I did all my moving as a kid (military brat) and in my 20's. I moved probably around 8 times in my 20s. Now I've been in the same house for 20 years...I can hardly believe it.

Hope things settle for you soon. I've been reading MAIL ORDER BRIDE by Maureen McKade. I'm so glad I found this author. Thanks!