Friday, September 8, 2006

Signing Off With Burning Retinas

I'm afraid this will be a blog-free zone for the next week. My parents are flying into town tomorrow afternoon, so that means no posting for the entire week they are here. Sad, but true. In the meantime, I'm going to send you off with a hodge-podge of musings.

First, I got the new Romantic Times yesterday. A surprise since last month's issue didn't show up until around the 20th. Now, I expect RT to be something of a fanzine. I mean, it's not Ms. so I usually prepare myself for one side of the cover to be some oily, dumb-struck looking piece of beefcake. No problemo - I keep that side of the cover face down. So what the hell am I supposed to do with this month's issue which features these two oily mothers?

Seriously, who needs (or wants) to see this?!

It makes me long for the day when that woman wrote in complaining about the Nicole Jordan cover on the front of the magazine. She-it, at least that one had a little class to it. These guys just look sleazy. Note to self: Hide magazine from The Boyfriend. He would very likely question my sanity. Or my feminism. Or both.

Sorry about the retinas folks, but if I have to go blind, so do you.

Important dates to keep in mind while I'm not online pestering everybody. The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen lands on September 12. I have a Romancing The Blog column going live on September 13. And my younger sister has a birthday on September 15. Go, go Lil' Sis!

What else? Am I the only person on the planet who's brain hasn't been sucked into the J.R. Ward series? Apparently yes. I read Lover Eternal and frankly am not getting it. Sure, hunky guys but..... um..... whatever. But I'm sure that's what you all say about westerns - so Viva La Difference!

Until next week, happy reading.


Alison Kent said...

If that is the front and the back, then I recommend just removing the entire cover!

Tara Marie said...

This is why I pick mine up at the bookstore, rather than get them through the mail. Are these horrible or what? I hate to ask this, but when it comes in the mail is it in a brown wrapper??

And, what's with the giant O on the back cover--LOL?

I took a double take this morning when checking out the new RTB column, I was sure Wendy Super_Librarian should have been on the by-line.

Wendy said...

Well the back cover isn't exactly like that. It's the same greasy cover model, but he's submerged in a pool and is all glistening wet. To make it even cheesier - there's a tiger prowling around in the background.

Tara - when it comes in the mail it's wrapped in a blue platic wrapper. Which luckily you can't see through :-) And yeah, I saw the RtB column already today and commented LOL

Nicole said...

Guess what book is on its way to me from the library? *evil laugh*

I hope my RT comes soon, but ooph, that's one nasty cover. And how much money did EC pay RT to get that back cover continuously?

redwyne said...

nnnnooo don't go!

LOL tara I thought the same thing when I saw RtB.

Have fun with the parents wendy and keep the mag away from them.


Amie Stuart said...

I read the first JR WArd book but never finished it. I feel almost heathen. Ummmm speaking of Gerritsen--any recommendations for a first timer? Be Gentle Now.

Wendy said...

I recommend the first book in her current series - THE SURGEON. That said, it's dark and if you don't like to read about violence against women (and serial killers) you might want to skip it. I'd put the gore level on par with early Patricia Cornwell (if that helps at all!)

She started out her career writing for Harlequin Intrique. Those books have been reprinted a bunch - and while I have a few in my TBR I haven't read them. So can't tell you how dark and spooky they are....

Caro said...

I'm another who was underwhelmed by Lover Eternal. It was getting so much positive buzz, I was sucked in and bought it, but I was unable to finish it.

Rowena said...

LOL Wendy!

It's all good that you dont' love the Brothers as much as we all do, there are others that I know who arent too crazy about J.R. Ward's writing and her books, so no worries!

I am with you though, I LOVE WESTERNS!

Don't stay away too long, ya hear? Have a good weekend!