Friday, September 1, 2006

A Return To Form

Boy, those of you who used to come to this blog to get outrageous library stories must be going through some serious withdrawals. This is what happens when a librarian goes from working with the general public every day, to sitting in a sterile administration building.

Heaven, I'm in heaven. And my heart beats so I can hardly speak...

Have I mentioned how much I love the new job?

Anyone, My Replacement stopped by to see me the other day to see if I "knew" a homeless guy he had a run-in with. Seems Homeless Man was unhappy when The Replacement told him he couldn't sleep in the library. The Replacement's warning bells went off (danger, danger Will Robinson) when instead of throwing a belligerent fit, Homeless Man was deathly calm.

Then before leaving the library, Homeless Man asked the staff "What happened to the nice manager?" Ahem, that would be me in case you were wondering.

I told The Replacement that while I hadn't had any personal issues with Homeless Man, he scared the shit out of me (and I think those were my exact words). He's the kind of guy who could snap at any moment and start waiving a knife around. So I gave him a very wide berth. Cowardly of me? Hell yes! But being a girl (and knowing my limitations), I felt it was for the best to not invite trouble. That, and Homeless Man stopped coming around so much after another library in town opened up to 7 days a week (said library is now undergoing renovation which would explain his reappearance on the scene).

After The Replacement left, my coworker said, "Aren't you glad to be here Wendy?" Uh yes. I'm happier than you will ever know.


shayera said...

shameless bragging is not nice!
i am so utterly envious of anyone who is lucky enough to escape working with the public.
when will it be my turn? when! i ask you!

Wendy said...

Sorry to promote job envy Shayera! When I was still living/working in the Midwest my big problem was unruly kids after school. I had maybe one (or two) completely insane individuals - that was it.

I'm not sure what it is about CA - but there are more insane people per capita out here. Is it all the drugs they did in the 60s? All the sunshine frying out brain cells? Or is it just because the population in general is so much larger that you're naturally going to have more nuts? Whatever it is - I wasn't burnt out from working with the public until AFTER I moved to CA. Which I think is saying something.

You have my sympathies....

Rosie said...

I was a manager of an RV park. You don't just have travelers you have people who stay by the month...even an RV. I quit my job in June mostly due to the long hours and not enough help. But working with the public I definitely don't miss.