Thursday, August 24, 2006

I Wanna Be A Cowgirl

Neither here nor there, this is The Older Sister's favorite picture of yours truly. I was 5 at the time and in some sort of play for my kindergarten class. Who the heck can remember the details now. This also might have been the last time I was truly cute. It kinda went all downhill from here. Doesn't it always though. But I do think this picture might explain the whole western fascination. I mean, I look cute in that straw hat. I still own the cowboy boots I wore as Bar Hopping Shoes in college. If that isn't scary I don't know what is.

I do have a point here - it's that my reading is in the gutter at the moment. I can't seem to get my butt in a chair and read. I've slowed way down and it's killing me. Why? I have two books waiting for me, and one of them I'm dying to read. But because I'm a good monkey, I started The Southern Devil by Diane Whiteside first thinking that one would be "highly anticipated" what with the hot sex and all. Seriously, I need to get through it this weekend (and write the review). And for you Nosy Nellies out there - it's OK, the sex is hot, but the character motivation (especially the heroine) has me flummoxed. Explaination forthcoming as soon as I finish it.

So what's on tap next. So glad you asked!

It's probably for the best if I don't mention how many Maureen McKade books are in my TBR. It's really frightening actually. I got this one for review, and oooh it sounds so good! Can't wait to start it.

Reason to Live by Maureen McKade - publication date September 2006


How could I refuse the wish of a dying man?

May 30, 1865: During the Civil War, I watched over too many young boys in the hospital, comforting them as they cried out for those they loved, as they whispered their final thoughts to me. Keeping a record of their names, families, and last words seemed a small tribute to their sacrifice--until the war ended, and I found a new mission in life. I would visit the loved ones of those poor soldiers and deliver their messages, so that some comfort could be found even in grief...

But Laurel Covey never expected to find a man like Creede Forrester--an ex-gunslinger who rode all the way from Texas to Virginia in the hope of finding his son, and ended up saving her from a band of ruffians. It pains her deeply to tell him of his boy's death, and she believes that in his heart, Creede blames himself for driving his son away. But there is something more to this rugged, weary man. Something that draws Laurel closer to him...something she cannot resist...

Wendy here again: Doesn't that sound fantastic? McKade explains a bit at her web site about her inspiration for this book, but not in as much detail as her electronic newsletter. She got the idea from an old Civil War-era photograph and a documentary she watched on Vietnam War nurses who suffer(ed) from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Then today I got a library copy of:

The Man She Thought She Knew by Shari Shattuck


He's her hottest accessory...

She may be super-rich and drop-dead gorgeous, but Los Angeles socialite Callaway Wilde can be as insecure as any girl about her man's love. Saying yes to a marriage proposal from sexy detective Evan Paley was a leap of faith for Cally, who has been pursued by many -- and almost killed on occasion -- for her money. When her fiancé disappears, Cally fears he's left her high and dry. Turns out she's right, but for the wrong reasons: he's been kidnapped.

Is he an accessory to a crime?

It started with a mysterious phone call that pulls Evan away from a little one-on-one time with Cally. Evan refuses to identify the caller -- a woman in distress -- which brings Cally down to earth fast. What secrets could he be keeping? Big ones, apparently: a dead body soon turns up in Evan's house, and Evan has vanished. On a heart-pounding race to find him, Cally follows a trail of clues to cold-blooded murder and deadly corruption -- and may uncover more than she bargained for about the man she thought she knew.

Wendy here again: I loved the first book in the series, Loaded. Loved it! But the second book? Lethal. Not so much. So not buying book 3 - reading a library copy. We'll go from there....


Kristie (J) said...

Oooohhh - that Maureen McKade book looks real good!!!! Is this payback for the Goodman :) I've never tried her before - don't know why not since she writes Westerns. I just checked her website and noticed she used to write Westerns for Avon - before they went England only (the bastards!)
And may I say what an adorable picture of you there in your straw cowboy hat!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Maureen McKade also sounds like Widow of the South--sans l'amour bien sur.

Dev said...

The McKade book sounds awesome! I added it to my list already.

The Sheri Shattuck book though ~ isn't up my alley. I can't (won't?) connect with spoiled socialites. It just doesn't sound like something I'd want to read.

Teresa Bodwell said...

I loved McKade's last Western--To Find You Again. I think it is the best Western I've ever read (which is saying a lot) A Reason to Live is on my Sept shopping list along with What A Genleman Wants by Caroline Linden. (Okay, Linden's is a Regency set, but I have to read some stuff w/o cowboys).

Wendy said...

A friend of mine also really loved To Fine You Again and of course it's still in my TBR! Honestly, I have so many books by McKade in my TBR - it's really embarrassing.

Devonna - That's the killer about the Shattuck series. In the first book the heroine didn't come off as a spoiled socialite. She was very wounded and kick-a$$. The second book though - ugh!

Kristie: Yeah, payback for the Goodman and also part of my covert plan to revive the western sub genre. Talk up westerns non-stop until people finally give in! I have several of her Avon westerns buried in the TBR. I tend to put the Avon westerns off because they usually tend to be VERY good and then I get all depressed over the fact that they no longer see fit to publish anything in that time period.

Kristie (J) said...

Guess what I found whilst I was looking for the other books? Must! Stop!Doing! That! - To Find You Again. And here I didn't think I had any of hers.
Excellent plan - talking up the Westerns!. I also found Heartbreaker by Nicole Jordon but I left it there :(

Wendy said...

Pull out The Heartbreaker when you're in the mood for a really Alpha hero LOL. I'm normally not one for Alphas, but the heroine has spunk and stands toe-to-toe with him really well (honestly, why do so many authors pair Alpha heroes up with wet-dish-rag heroines? Talk about sucky reading). I swear I read it in one day - and I generally do NOT read books in one day unless it's a Harlequin :-)