Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I Love This Woman

Melissa MacNeal. Seriously, I love this woman. Why? Well for starters - her brand of erotica falls into the Totally Campy, Trashy, Soap Opera category. She speaks to me on the same level as Thea Devine. Yeah, I know I probably shouldn't like her books, but they work for me the same way that Jackie Collins works for more mainstream readers.

Also, what other author on the planet writes campy erotica and inspirational romance?! Seriously, I love this woman.

She published a few novels for Black Lace, but the growth (Tee Hee) industry that is erotica means she's now with Kensington Aphrodisia. She has two books coming out later this year - the first of which sounds so deliciously filthy that I can hardly wait.

All Night Long by Melissa MacNeal. Look for it November 2006 kiddies!

Description: Welcome aboard the S.S. Aphrodite for an adults-only Caribbean cruise! Lola Wright discovers all the ins and outs of life on board after her fiancé jilts her and maxes out her plastic... and she must become the Greek captain's love slave to pay off her debts!

All Night Long features an international cast: Clive, the suave British concierge; Skorpio, the foxy Greek captain; Aric, a hot young cabana boy with an attitude--and Rio DeSilva, a Spanish security agent you're gonna melt for! With great guys like these, you'll be wanting it ALL NIGHT LONG!

Wendy here: Oh. My. God. does this sound campy! Can't wait!

The Harem by Celia May Hart, Emma Leigh, Melissa MacNeal & Noelle Mack. Look for it December 2006. Merry Christmas indeed!

Description of MacNeal's story: A Lady's Pleasure, tells how a rich young widow, Ophelia Leeds, inherits her husband’s Oregon lumber empire in the late 1800’s and discovers his ship, the Scheherazade, is actually a floating pleasure palace! Leave it to Ophelia to not only take over the lumber dynasty but to create a male harem of lumberjacks!

Wendy again: OK, I don't care if it sounds patently absurd, me want! Now I love the more "realistic" erotica if you will. The strong heroines. The plots that make some sense. But give me camp any day of the week and I'll follow you around like a lost puppy. Which really explains the whole Wendy likes Thea Devine thing quite well doesn't it?


Alyssa said...

I love the cover for All Night Long, even if it's not one I'd read in public.

Laura said...

That is a great cover. I commented on Bam's site, Aphrodisia has great covers, but their books haven't done it for me. It's sort of like paying $14 for a Blaze with a great cover.

Did anyone go to Ms. McNeal's website? She came off as a wee bit smug....."I was wearing black leather and boas long before Ellora's Cave existed". Hee hee.