Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tag, You're It!

Well both Tara and Fiona tagged me - which means I'm outnumbered and outgunned. Here it goes:

1) When did you first start blogging and why? I started blogging back on February 28, 2003 - which makes me really frickin' old in the Blogosphere. I used to have a web site (now dismantled) and I used the home page to ramble on about various topics. I also had a page where I put up my latest book reviews. I was too lazy to archive any of this stuff and then I discovered blogging. Totally easy to archive and I loved the interactive capabilities.

2) What don't you talk about? My sex life. Frankly it's none of your business. Oh what the hell - it's good. Very, very good.

3) Are you and your blogging persona the same person? Pretty much. That said, I'm more of an opinionated loud mouth on my blog than I am in real life. In real life I'm the classic middle child - I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, everybody should be shiny and happy, and they all should love me!

4) How do you use blogging to build friendships? Well I've met a lot of totally cool readers through blogs that I didn't meet via my various e-mail loops. I also think the blogosphere has tapped a previously uncharted resource of "new voices" and "reviewers" from a reading standpoint. I think this is a very cool thing. Also, I've met other women who like baseball (waving to Tara and Kristie!) I'm willing to overlook that Tara is a dirty Skankies fan - she most likely cannot help it and I'm confident that one day she will get deprogrammed.

5) How do you describe your writing style? A mess. Truly. I'm awful with grammar, structure, run-on sentences, wacky punctuation etc. That said, I think my writing voice comes off a lot like my speaking voice. I'm so sarcastic most days it's amazing The Boyfriend hasn't smothered me in my sleep yet.

Who am I tagging?
Ha! No one! Ya'll been tagged already me thinks.


Tara Marie said...

Hey, don't disrespect my boys, just because yours are having a better season, or at least were having. And, here I was rooting for Detroit over Chicago.

Wendy said...

We're still having a good season. We just took 2 out of 3 from the White Sox - which I'm hoping will silence some of the naysayers.

That said, my prediction is Detroit makes it to the playoffs but gets knocked out in the first round. Outside of Pudge we are seriously lacking in the playoff experience department.

Kristie (J) said...

Well, my boys seem to be in a wee bit of a mess these days. Can anyone sing Free Falling by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers? Although they did manage to *cough* beat the Yankees last night. Now if only those damn Red Sox would loose. And any time I read that the Tigers won again I think "yea Wendy!" I can think that since the Tigers are in a different division and I still have loyalty to them.
And yep Wendy, I think you're the grandma of bloggers :)

Wendy said...

We watched the Jays last night thanks to the miracles of TiVo. What an ending! Too bad Roy didn't get his win :-(

I had NO idea about the Shea mess until it exploded the other day. Being all the way out here in CA, we don't get the scoop on the Jays until WWIII happens LOL. What a mess!

And I think Boston is going to end up winning your division. My condolences to both you and Tara.

Amie Stuart said...

Totally love the new layout!

Kristie (J) said...

Yea - it will be interesting to see who they get for Hildebrand since he's toast with the Jays now. I mean you just don't diss the team that way and stay. And it's a shame too because he's doing good this year - or rather he was.