Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Why Romance Readers Are Nuts

I knew it would happen sooner or later. I mean, publishers aren't stupid and the cash cow has a way of moo-ing rather loudly.

Yes, they're reprinting Suzanne Brockmann's Ladies' Man. See:

Laydown date is August 29 for you Nosey Nellies out there, and it's going to retail for $6.99

You have to wonder if Brockmann's more diehard fans feel kinda silly now. You know, those readers who paid ridiculous sums of money for this book on eBay - including that lady that RT featured some years back who paid over $1000 for her copy. Seriously, do you think she became unglued when she heard the reprinting news?

I'm sorry, not even a first edition signed copy of John Steinbeck (or J.D. Salinger - take your pick) is worth $1000. Me lying semi-nude on a tropical island while Juan the cabana boy fans me with palm fronds and feeds me chocolate covered strawberries - now that's worth $1000. But a paperback novel? I'm sorry, but I just didn't kill off that many brain cells during The College Years.

But to each his own. I also never saw the appeal of buying a purse that cost more than $30 - so obviously my sense of collectability as well as style is seriously lacking. I just fit right in here in hedonistic, materialistic southern California dontcha know.

To get the full scoop on why people are criminally insane and would pay $1000 for a paperback novel - Brockmann gives you the scoop here. And neither here nor there - girlfriend is a "name" she really needs a better web site. Seriously, I've designed better using Netscape Composer.


sybil said...


So is the book any good?

SandyW said...

I will confess that I once paid almost $10 on Ebay for a copy of Robin Schone’s ‘The Lady’s Tutor’ simply because it had that ultra-hot corset cover. And that felt like an extravagant and wasteful amount of money. I really can’t see paying a thousand bucks for a book, any book. And I am a book junkie.
(Household motto: One cannot have too many books. One can have insufficient shelf-space, but one cannot have too many books.)

Plus, you are so correct. Brockmann can surely afford a more professional-looking web-site.

Wendy said...

Sybil - I have no idea! I've never read Brockmann.

SandyW - I'm a book junkie too, and do love my collectibles - but $1000 pushes all my skin-flint buttons. And I don't think $10 is too extravagant - for those hard to find goodies I just have to have my cut off is $20, and even then I ask myself, "Do I want this book that badly??"

Fickle Fiona said...


I struggled for 30 minutes several weeks ago over 2 Nora Roberts OOPs for $4 each!


Wendy said...

Fiona honey - it's Nora! Wait 5 minutes and those books will be reprinted :-)