Friday, June 30, 2006


I always did have impecable timing. What with the July 4th holiday falling on a Tuesday this year, I thought I'd treat myself to an added vacation day on Monday. So I'm off work until Wednesday. What do I plan to do with this extra time off?

Be sick of course!

My evil coworker decided to wish me a happy holiday by giving me her sinus cold. Sore throat, congestion and a dull, throbbing headache (my favorite kind). I was ready for death yesterday, feeling slightly better today, hope I'm on the road to recovery tomorrow.

I find it slightly ironic that in the 2 years I was working at the library I only had one cold. I was dealing with the public. 2 years of helping adults who wouldn't know a bar of soap if someone chucked it upside their heads and hordes of germ-carrying children. One cold. Now I'm in a sterile, administration office for only 2 months of full time work and I have my first cold. The gods have a sense of humor.

Ah well, I didn't want to do anything fun this weekend anyway. If anything this cold gives me an excuse to lie on the couch, watch the Tigers and read. Ha - like I need excuse.


Alison Kent said...

Read More Books! *ggg*

Kristie (J) said...

On a long weekend? That's nasty. But baseball and books isn't too bad a compensation :-) and it's kind of guilt free since you don't feel well enough to do anything else.