Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More Series

Yep, I wrapped up two more books since yesterdays blog post. Both of these had serious rough spots though:

The Heart Of A Cowboy by Charlene Sands (Silhouette Desire 1488) - Very pregnant heroine is widowed when husband dies in accident on their ranch. Hero (dead hubby's twin brother) makes a promise to him (on his death bed no less) to watch over heroine and unborn babe. Naturally, hero always had a thing for heroine, but when she married his brother he took off to join the rodeo. Heroine thinks hero is untrustworthy because of pranks he played on her in the past, and the fact that he up and left, leaving her husband to handle the entire ranch. This one starts out good - but the heroine is a bit of a harpy. I mean, the hero is bending over backwards for her and she still finds him untrustworthy. I started wondering how she was able to move around so freely when she obviously had a stick up her butt. Final grade = C.

High-Stakes Passion by Juliet Burns (Silhouette Desire 1644) - another one that starts out good and fizzles. Hero is a former rodeo champ (seriously, I have a cowboy addiction) whose career is cut short due to injury. Heroine is desperate for staff writer job at the magazine where she works, and goes undercover as hero's housekeeper to get the scoop on the now reclusive star. What she discovers in place of her childhood hero (he rescued her from bullies when she was a teen), is a slovenly drunk who is throwing the World's Largest Pity Party. This is great until we learn more about the hero's past. Yeah, you guessed it - Mommy was a whore, so all women are unfaithful shrews who like to beat up kids. Nevermind that his surrogate parents have been very happily married for 50 years. Nope, all women are destined to cheat. And when he finally boinks the heroine and discovers she is a virgin he "reveled in the fact that she hadn't slept around."

Yes, ladies - because if you aren't a virgin you must be a skanky ho.

But it was good until all that, and this was a well written debut even if the feminist in me wanted a gun. Final Grade = C-.

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Mailyn said...

oh god that line was priceless, I am now utterly ashamed of myself for being such a hoochie.

lmao. great reviews!