Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gay Pride

Back in 2004 The Boyfriend moved to California to find a job (it's best not to talk about the Michigan economy around us - we get bitter). Anyway, while he did this - I stayed behind in Michigan to work my cushy job that wasn't going anywhere until we knew for sure California was going to pan out (it did). Which meant I was once again living alone.

My best friend must have taken pity on me (although I totally dig "alone time") and one night we hit her favorite bar. We ran into a friend of hers - who happened to be drinking with her Fabulous Gay Best Friend. We latched onto FGBF because not only was he incredibly cute (::snort:: aren't they always?) he was also buying us a lot of alcohol.

Sometime after the third or fourth shot of whatever (who the heck remembers? Those brain cells are long dead) I was three sheets to the wind and we found ourselves at the gay bar.

Me and the best friend were the only two women in the place, which would normally feel decidedly unsafe - but hey, none of those guys were interested in us - so it's not like we had to worry about the date rape drug or anything!

It actually ended up being a totally fabulous time since all the guys were telling us how fabulous we were - how fabulous our hair was (they loved the hair) - and how we were like totally cool chicks.

Talk about a major ego boost. Seriously, if you're a woman skip the shrink - just go the gay bar! It's way cheaper and you'll immediately feel better.

Which is why it makes me so sad when I see something like this subjected onto the gay reading population -

And here I thought only romances got crappy covers.

I came across this gem when one of the libraries informed me they needed more LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) fiction. This is book 11 in the Tom & Scott mystery series about a gay couple (a teacher and a pro-baseball player) who keep running into mysteries that need solving. Sort of like Scooby Doo! Sounds kinda neat-o actually (see, I will read just about anything).

But honestly - what the H is up with this cover? It's like they pumped J-Lo full of steroids and testosterone. Seriously, I wouldn't be "beggin' for a piece of that bubble" more like running away from it. I can see it now -
Coming This July (deep movie trailer voice): You can run, but you cannot hide from The Ass That Ate San Francisco!
It's just wrong. Really, really wrong. I'm sorry my gay brothers. Profoundly and deeply sorry. Romance reading wenches everywhere feel your sorrow and pain. I suggest margaritas. I'd get about 3 blenders going at once, just to make sure you have plenty in reserve.

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