Tuesday, May 2, 2006

The Finish Line

Yes, it's over. The whole Wendy-working-two-jobs-nightmare is over. I woke up. Or more precisely, I passed off the keys to the building to The New Guy.

Everyone has been asking me what I plan to do now that life is back to normal. I'm thinking of slipping into a coma for a couple of weeks and soaking up the general boredom. Pure bliss.

So now that I'm concentrating on The New Job - what does Wendy have up her sleeve? Another blog actually. I'm starting one to cover my department. The grand idea being that it will be a good way to keep staff in the loop on the latest and greatest. This is something I would have found beneficial when I was out on "the front lines" given that I had no time to read any review publications, let alone have time to browse Amazon.

The plan is to highlight upcoming books of interest, plus toss in some author interviews. My first interview being with a Big Name New York Times Bestseller.

The bad news is that none of you will get to see this blog. The Powers That Be felt this should be kept "in house" and so it is. However, that author interview? I'll also run it here - since it might be of interest to you all. And no, I'm not telling you who it is. Yet anyway. Stay tuned.

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sybil said...

very cool! Good for you!