Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Amazon Boxes From Heaven

I came home from work today to find a small box from on my doorstep.

Me: "What the heck is this? I didn't order anything!"

Nestled inside were two Silhouette Bombshell books - Strong Medicine (#63) and Radical Cure (#80) by Olivia Gates. Heck, I must have won a contest I didn't remember entering!

Turns out Gates picks contest winners from her mailing list, which I joined about a year ago. In fact, I've won a contest from her before - which included a variety of promotional do-dads. Coincidently, I was using one of her bookmarks quite recently. Maybe some mojo rubbed off.

And neither here nor there - Gates lives oversees. So big kissies for shipping books to me!


Olivia Gates said...

Big kisses right back at you, Wendy. I am so glad it was a nice surprise. It's majorly cool that you've been using my bookmark lately. You *must* have called to me in some way. :-)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the books and tell me if you do. I just finished book 3 of the series starring my Dr. Calista St. James, continuing STRONG MEDICINE and RADICAL CURE. It's titled SHOCK THERPY and I had a blast writing it, and almost a heatstroke. It was THE HOTTEST book I wrote, and I write real hot.
I am now about to jump into book 4.

And have I mentioned I love your blog? Thanks for emailing me your link. I'll bookmark you and visit as frequently as I can. (I'm mostly a lurker, but I'll be here!)


sybil said...

very cool! Congrats!