Friday, April 21, 2006


The Boyfriend's car is in the shop. Which means he has taken my car to work. Which means I'm stuck at home today (yes, I have a day off).

Normally this is a very good thing. I can read, watch Law & Order reruns, and generally wallow. Except my aparment looks like a tonardo hit it. Which means I probably should be cleaning instead of infusing myself with caffeine and typing this blog entry.


In other news - my latest column is up over at Romancing The Blog. I actually wrote this blog a couple of weeks ago before my brain began to melt. That was quite insightful on my part since if I had to come up with a RTB blog topic right now I think it would short circuit what brain cells I have left functioning. So go forth and comment!

I try to skew my RTB columns towards a reader's perspective because 1) I'm not an author and 2) Not big on reading author/related posts about "craft." Still, it's hard. Especially when I seem to be hating every book I read these days.

On that subject - I'm starting to get into Lover Eternal more now that I'm around page 100. Still, a hero possessed by evil who must have oodles of meaningless sex to starve off the darkness?! Didn't I already suffer through this plot device once for a review book? Somehow it hasn't gotten any less insulting since then either. Right now - LE is firmly sitting in average territory. Let's see where it goes from here shall we?

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Maili said...

*giggle* That's the case for me, too, so I'm trying to avoid reading this week. Your latest RTB column is completely spot on. Just read your TRR review. Damn, I wish I have your ability to write reviews. Nice one. Enjoy the rest of your day off, anyhow. :)