Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Calgon Take Me Away!

Well the good news is they hired a new manager for the library. The bad news? I have no bloody clue when his start date is. In the meantime, when I'm not working my other job, I have to continue to oversee a building that is determined to kill me. Hey, Stephen King had the killer car, Christine. I can have a killer building.

I had to phone in two more work orders yesterday, bringing my total up to 5.
  • Vandalized front windows with etched gang "tags" in glass
  • Graffiti tagged on my back staff entrance door
  • A leaky roof that rains on top of my reference desk
  • A keyboard shelf that needs to be moved on my reference desk
  • And my favorite - someone had an "accident" on one of our lounge chairs
Is it any wonder I'm not reading jack right now. Only 26 pages into Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward and I'm trying not to get distracted by the shiny new copy of Party Princess by Meg Cabot that just showed up on my desk.

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