Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Brain Melt

I know you'll all find this hard to believe, but I just had a meltdown here at work. The only reason I can still hold my head marginally high is that I didn't dissolve into a giant puddle of tears. A bloody miracle since I inherited hystiercal-crying-when-stressed-out-syndrome from my mother - but still it wasn't pretty.

But Wendy, you say, they've hired your replacement at the library. Happy, happy, joy joy! Right?

Wrong. I don't know when the heck he's starting. Which means I'm still in Two Job Hell.

I have had enough. Enough to the point where my boss said, "How about May 1?" Which I replied, "May 1 is fine, but even if he doesn't start that date I'm done."

And I am.

I almost strangled The Boyfriend last night when he mentioned that the living room carpet really needed to be vacuumed. I am not a pleasant girl to live with at the moment.

And in other news, I am so not into Lover Eternal it's not even funny - but it's for review so I must slog on. I did end up succumbing to the temptation of Party Princess by Meg Cabot and knocked it off in 24 hours. Good, but not up to snuff with the other books in the series. I felt the conflict was a bit on the weak side this go around. Still, a comfort read and it helps me channel my inner-teenage girl. Which now that I think about it - probably isn't a good thing right about now.


Jean L. Cooper said...

I surely hope they are paying you at the old place of woek during the transition. If you are doing this out of the goodness of your heart, it just isn't worth the stress to be doing two jobs at the same time.

Jennifer said...

Ah, Wendy, we agree on so much, but not LOVER ETERNAL. It's okay though, I still respect you :-)

I hope you get a break soon!