Monday, March 13, 2006

The Mass Exodus

My children's librarian just got a new job. And here I am with one foot out the door. She's transferring to a different library - and I basically told her new boss and my boss - you can have her after you hire my replacement. Then whomever takes over the helm will have to go through the motions of hiring a new children's librarian.

In reading news, I'm not doing any. It took me the better part of a week to slog through Luck Of The Draw by Gail Link. A sub par review at TRR is forthcoming. My main issues concerned the conflict. There wasn't any. Also, the story takes place in post Civil War Montana and the heroine is a widow who is tutoring prostitutes and spending time alone with a Southern gentleman. A Southern gentleman who is also new to town himself. And none of the other characters see anything wrong with this except for one of the villains. Um, what is wrong with this picture? I mean, I know the west was different - but that different? And the heroine is passing herself off as a widow, but given that the townspeople hired her to teach their children, you think they'd be concerned with her extracurricular activities.

Sybil - I'm basically telling you not to bother. The AAR review pretty much says it all.

Next up is Crescent Moon by Lori Handeland. This is the second paranormal I'll have read by Handeland, and I'm finding I really enjoy her first person narrative style.

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sybil said...

You have no idea how glad I am I didn't buy this the other day!