Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Adventures In Library Land

It's Day 3 of The New Job, and I'm just now getting around to a blog post. Here are some quick highlights:

Day 1 - I have no idea what the hell I'm doing.

Next work day - Back to my library where I'm running the show until they hire my replacement. The highlight? While throwing books into the dumpster (yes, I throw books away), I noticed a city employee walking through my patch of ivy behind said dumpsters. Then he bends down and biggest up this huge-ass iguana-type lizard. I'm talking huge! Head to tail, this baby had to be at least 2 feet long (Hey, I'm from the Midwest. We don't do lizards). Don't ask me what kind of lizard it was - but it has those wing-like ear flaps. City employee asks if he can steal the box I was throwing books out in. I said, "yes" but refrained from saying "just get that thing out of here." Actually, I probably should have insisted he continue to live in the ivy. He was probably eating the rats.

Day 2 - Back to new job, and a little less clueless.

Day 3 - Gawd, I'm glad I subscribe to RT. The library system hadn't ordered Micah by Laurell K. Hamilton, Bump In The Night, an anthology featuring J.D. Robb, or Full Scoop by Janet Evanovich yet.

And proof that you can't believe everything you read - Booklist gave a starred review to Jude's Law by Lori Foster (2/15/06 issue). Were they high? Seriously. I mean, I'm always right - so they must have been high. {Note to Foster fangirls - this is merely tongue in cheek. If you spam my comments I will break out my voodoo doll collection and pray that karma comes back to bite you in the butt}.

Day 4 - yet to come. Every day is a new experience in brain melting.


Kate R said...

did you read mrs. giggle's review of Micah? Oy!

sybil said...

Good luck with the job!

Want to know how you like Luck of the Draw ;). Hope it is good.

mdvelazquez said...

You're too funny, Bat Girl.

I'm sure you aren't clueless.

Wendy said...

Kate: Yeah, I pretty much think the book is going to be a dud - but Hamilton is a big name, which means I order her books no questions asked. I haven't heard great things about the coauthors Evanovich/Hughes series either - but the big name attached is going to attrach readers.

Sybil - I've had zero reading time, but so far I'm kinda bored by Luck Of The Draw. I'm 75 pages in and I'm still waiting for the conflict to show up. Hopefully soon.....

sybil said...

eek... well one less book to lust after would be good.