Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Dubious Distinction

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of this blog.

I'm not sure exactly what this signifies. Probably that:
  • I have no life
  • You all have no life because you keep reading it

Misadventures Of Super_Librarian sprang out of my now defunct web page where I would occasionally ramble about nonsense that nobody was reading. Blogs were just coming into infancy at that time, and I found the format easier to update than a traditional web page. Why I was deluding myself that anyone other than my family gave a hooey about anything I had to say remains a mystery to this day. Actually my family probably doesn't give a hooey either - but they at least smile and nod their heads.

This blog has seen me as an adult services librarian in podunk Michigan, a branch manager in the surburban sprawl of southern California, and a soon-to-be collection development librarian for the same California library system. My library stories have gone from boring, to surreal, and hopefully back to boring. I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyway.

And for the record - the new job starts on Friday, March 3.


Megan Frampton said...

Happy anniversary! I like your blog, you like writing it (I presume); what's to feel lame about? Good luck with the new job, congratulations again on that.

Kristie (J) said...

Wow! You're an old-timer in blog years. Congrats on 3 years!! And aren't you happy that there are so many more of us now to play with?

lost said...

Happy anniversary, Wendy! May this blog remain in blogland for many years to come. Thanks for all those fun posts over these years. :)

shayera said...

Yeah! Good luck with the new job. I'm so very jealous.

Kate R said...

Happy late anniversary and yes, so I have no life, but I think lives are overrated.