Thursday, January 5, 2006

So Where You Been?

I came back to work on Tuesday after being on vacation for too long. Seriously, the last two days I've been the walking dead when I finally made it home. To top it off, I've been without Internet at work for the last 2.5 days. Why? Apparently because of The Killer Virus From Hell that went rampaging through our network over the holidays. Naturally it only went rampaging through the network utilized by staff. Library patrons were totally unaffected. Our IT department finally was able to get us back in business this afternoon.

Thank God

In reading news, I'm trying something different to start this year off on the right foot. I'm calling it The Box. I pulled a cardboard box out of my closet and filled it with about 68 books that have been in my TBR for a while. Several hard covers, advanced reader copies, some Harlequins and some historicals. My goal? Read through the box. Then rinse and repeat.

This probably sounds like a stupid idea to some of you - but I think it's going to help me focus. It gives me a set goal. No pawing through the TBR mountain. Just go to The Box.

But what about reading mood swings you ask? I'm going to ignore them. If I can't get into any of The Box books after 50 pages or so, I'm chucking it to the trade/UBS pile. Life is short and I seriously need to get my TBR mountain under control.

In reading news, expect a rant in a day or so. I'm going to be reading the newest Lilian Jackson Braun "novel" The Cat Who Dropped A Bombsell. Lord help me.

I cut my mystery reading teeth on this series as a teenager, and the early books are quite good. If you enjoy cozies, I do recommend them. But the last several books have been god-ass awful. Fans have speculated for years if the series is now being ghostwritten. I contend that if they were ghostwritten they'd be better books! How bad has it gotten? The last book had barely a whisper of a mystery and no motive! Why did the bad guy do it? Who the hell knows!

So why do I keep reading? No idea. Seriously, I need therapy. I stopped buying my own copy about 8 books ago, but I keep reading a library copy. I've hated the last 3, but I still keep reading. I can only guess it's because nostalgia is getting the better of me.


SamH said...

I still faithfully read the Cat Who? books as well. Even though I struggled getting into the last few I will still check out the newest one when our library gets it this month. I think the deal is I remember how I loved the early books in the series and keep holding out hope that the next book will be more like them.

Kate R said...

::nodding head sadly::
I still read Parker's Spenser novels so I know where you're coming from.