Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sharing Is Caring

After what seemed like an eternity (OK, about 10 days), I finally finished My Favorite Witch by Annette Blair. My taking so long to finish would seem to suggest that I hated this book. Not the case. It was a light, fun, fluffy sort of read that had some nice bantering dialouge.


It was also one of those books that worked less if you started to analyze it. Let's see if I can explain.

Kira Fitzgerald is a white witch who has just discovered her fiance' in bed with her sister. Thank goodness she hadn't mailed out the wedding invitations yet. After that fiasco, she quickly lands a job as an assistant to the Director of Special Events for the Pickering Foundation - one of those lofty old money charity institutions that's now having a budget crunch.

Hew new boss is Jason Pickering Goddard - NHL goalie and the winner of the insipid reality show The Best Kisser In America. A car accident has screwed up his knee thus sidelined his career - so Jason gets roped into working at the family foundation by his dear old grandmother. There he comes face to face with the world's sexiest witch putting a hex on her cheating fiance's penis.

They banter, they flirt, they both have sworn off the opposite sex. Shenanigans ensue.

So where does the foundation start to crack? Well first off Jason is determined to get back to the NHL but the author never shows him working at it. If I'm to believe this book all you need to do to rehab a bad knee is teach hockey/skating to a bunch of half-pint orphan boys. Also, I understand why Kira has sworn off men, but never really grasp why Jason isn't knocking boots with the ladies. One presumes it's because a woman was driving his car the night of his accident that ruined his career - but it's never spelled out.

But ultimately I have issues with how Kira handles her sister. Basically she doesn't. Even when the fiance' and dear old sis appear in the last few chapters Kira doesn't say anything. No "Go blow yourself you skanky whore" or "I hope it shrivels up and falls off dick wad." No, Jason gets a few minor jabs in and that's about it.

This is the second book I've read in a month that features a heroine whose sister stole her man. Now, I love my sisters. I truly, truly do. But I like to think that if one of us stole the other one's man that they would be blood drawn. All out family feud. This probably makes me sound like a spiteful old hag - but hey, I think it's realistic. Even worse? Kira's parents welcome cheating fiance' and slutty sister into their home and Kira willingly spends Christmas with them because she's licking her wounds over something Jason does.

Call me crazy, but I'd be looking at spending Christmas in Cancun. That's just me though.

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Beverly said...

I'm glad you posted this, because I brought that book home from the library and haven't started it yet.

But now that I know that the heroine is a complete doormat, I know it's not worth my time.