Saturday, January 21, 2006

Making The Rate Increase More Tolerable

Yes, I changed my blog template. I was going for a calm blue ocean look - but I'm not sure how I feel about it now. Is it too bland?

And yes, I probably should invest in an original template - but I'm HTML clueless and I'm cheap as hell.

Here in the good ole' US of A we've been griping about yet another postage increase. To make it more palpable though they've issued some really cute stamps based on favorite animals in children's books. My favorites, Curious George and Wilbur are naturally represented. If I was crafty I'd think of a neato collage to make for the library.

But I'm not crafty, and again I'm cheap as hell.


Jay said...

Its actually not that hard to make your own template. With the exception of the first 3 or so, I've made all of mine, and I only know the html/css that I've taught myself along the way.

If you just want something straight forward this site has css you can use, and then you can customize it however you like.

If that still sounds like more work than you're willing to do, there are a bunch of sites that offer blogger templates. has some nice stuff (u: blog p: frocks)

jason evans said...

The retooling looks good.

Tara Marie said...

Change is good. I like your new look. I used this template for several months before going to a clean white look.

Perhaps Jay could give html lessons, I've tried to create my own template, but I am clearly html challenged in the extreme.