Sunday, January 1, 2006

Happy Flame War

The comments on this blog have been very quiet lately, which makes me think either people are bored by my ramblings, or just too busy with their own stuff.

So to ring in the New Year I thought I'd start a flame war! How? By admitting that I'm giving up on The Most Classic Romance Novel Of All-Time!

I'm talking about Flowers From The Storm by Laura Kinsale. I slogged my way to page 150 and have decided no more. It's not a bad book, but I'm sorry people, I'm just not getting the sheer majesty of it.

I'm completely indifferent after 150 pages. I'm bored. Check that - I'm really bloody bored.

I understand the hero's had a stroke or a brain aneurysm - but the total lack of dialogue is really starting to get to me. Also, I understand she's a Quaker - but I can only take so many "thee's" and "thou's" from the heroine before I start flashing back to all those horrible literary novels I was forced to read in school.

I think sticking through 150 pages is a fair assessment for a book that clocks in at 500 pages. My questions are: Am I not giving it enough time? Are there others out there who just didn't luv this book? Am I complete moron who is incapable of appreciating the fine, talented prose of Ms. Kinsale? And most importantly, how are her other books? I have The Shadow And The Star and My Sweet Folly still in the TBR. Admittedly, I just knocked them down the pile a few pegs.


Nicole said...

Well, I also started it and put it down without finishing it. I think before you did. Maybe I'll get to it, but it was kinda boring.

Elaine said...

I didn't love this book, and was moderately enthusiastic about her others. I think I failed to get into it, then skipped to the end and read the last few pages.

Rosario said...

Are there others out there who just didn't luv this book?

*waving* Me, me! I really, really disliked it. I managed to wade through until the end, but I was bored out of my skull by the time I got there.

Like you, it made me a bit reluctant to try her other books, but I finally did last year and they're amazing. Try Midsummer Moon for a change of pace (it's FUNNY), or For My Lady's Heart for the best Medieval I've ever read.

Rosario, still waiting for the flames. No one coming here to call us ignorant sluts?

Alyssa said...

I like Kinsale but don't love her. When I read her, I think she's unique, her writing is rich, etc., but I don't get emotionally engaged in her stories.

I've read Flowers from the Storm, My Sweet Folly (the prologue is the best part of the book), and I'm 2/3 finished with For My Lady's Heart.

So I've given her a try.

sybil said...

Eh this is one of my least favorite books of hers and only finished it by skimming.

I am not a omgIheart her so much fan but Shadowheart was my first romance novel, uh three years ago?, that started me on this madness. So she holds a place on my best list.

LOVE Shadowheart, Sieze the Fire (one I think you would really like) and Hidden Heart is another I adore by her.

Star book is a sequel to HH. I hated it when I first read it. HATED. It was prolly close on the heals of shadowheart and StF but I can't for the life of me remember why I disliked it so or why I loved Hidden Heart so much. So I bought a used copy to reread after a reread of HH... haven't gotten to it yet. Have Sweet Folly, Dreamhunter and Prince of Midnight on the tbr as well.

Wendy said...

Thanks ladies! Now I don't feel so alone.

And Rosario - I'm all about someone stopping by and calling us ignorant sluts - but it's more likely I'd get rambling, misspelled comments like "U Suk!"

Kristie (J) said...

Although I seem to be the lone dissenter - I quite like her books and yes that includes FFTS - I do agree they move very slowly and I can really understand people not liking them. For example for the life of me I can't get into For My Lady's Heart "the best medieval Rosario has ever read" I have given it the old college try - a number of times. It's not the old English - that's not the problem, it's the story itself. She's just not an author for everyone.

I was going to start this off with

"Wendy, you ignorant slut" but if you've never seen the classic and hilarious SNL skit with Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtain, I would be completely misunderstood and then I would feel so very very bad and worry and worry that you thought I was serious *grin*

Anne said...

When I first read it (way too many years ago) I did love it. I reread it not too long ago and thought "Meh". I've never read any of her others.

Avid Reader said...

Hi Wendy,

My first time commenting on your blog however I read it quite often. I'm a big Laura Kinsale fan. I can see where many readers don't like her stuff. I had a hard time with it but stuck to it. No book should have to make you work so hard but it's been a real pleasure to find her and enjoy her work. I find her similar to Judith Ivory's earlier novels in complexity and prose. Sorry you are stuggling with FFTS. Maybe Sybil's rec's would work for you if your interested in giving her another try.