Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm On My Way

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be boarding a flight to spend the holidays with my family in Michigan. Assuming I don't fall into a snow bank and freeze to death, I'll be there for about a week. Not sure how much blog posting I'll get done during this time, but I'll try not to neglect you all too much.

I've been a crazy woman all this week trying to get everything set before I leave town. After work tonight I still have to do some laundry and pack. I also need to bite the bullet and decide what books I'm taking with me. This is usually a process I have mapped out well ahead of time, but my reading mood has been so iffy lately I'm having a hard time making decisions.

This would be a prime time for me to dig out some books that have been in my TBR for an obscene amount of time. For that reason alone, I know I'll be taking The Charade by Laura Lee Guhrke with me. Besides, a colonial setting sounds pretty good to me right now.

I'm also going to try not to think about work. I worry when I take a vacation and leave town. But as my adult services librarian told me, "Wendy, if a crazed gunman comes in we'll just say, 'I'm sorry, my manager is gone until next week could you please come back then?'"

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Tara Marie said...

Have a wonderful visit with your family--Merry Christmas to you all.