Thursday, December 1, 2005

How To Make A Librarian Happy

Almost two years ago I took my current job and knew that my first order of business was library furnishings. The upholstry on the chairs was non-existent and in many instances shredded to the point of embarrassment. It looked like a small army of cats (I'd guess about 1000 strong) had been sharpening their claws for the last 5 years. Stuffing was falling out, and in many cases bare wood exposed.

I was able to fix the immediate problem by scrounging up surplus chairs at library headquarters. Some of them weren't high end, but they were light years ahead of what I had.

However, that only went so far. I was going to have to find a money tree and get some of them reupholstered.

It took over a year, but I finally found that money tree. Between my Friends Of The Library organization (beautiful people) and donations from the public I was able to get 10 chairs recovered. I'm so happy I could just about weep tears of joy. Not only for having "new" chairs, but also for the freedom that I now have. For the first time since taking this job, I don't have to think about furniture for a while. That albatross has passed for now.


EmJay said...

A small army of cats--I love it!

Jennifer Macaire said...

I am a big believer in good library chairs. Your Friends of the Library Org sound terrific.

Could I ask a really big favor? Could you please post my site up at your library? It's for a YA book that is coming out in December from Medallion press.

I am trying to promote it like mad - the book is really terrific and will be out in trade paperback for 9.95. I'm writing to my librarian back home in NY (I live in France) myt sister's going to her library in Ohio, and my brother promised he'd drop off a coverflat or two at his library (can one really depend upon a little brother?)
At any rate, Thanks so much -

Teresa said...

Yay! I love to hear that people are supporting their public library!