Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Bring On The SS

Yesterday I had a library patron, who was naturally upset about my rigid Internet policy, compare me to a Nazi and a Communist.

My mother will be so proud. So will all those Jewish guys I dated in college. Gee, ya think that's why our relationships didn't work out?

I'm not an unreasonable person. I just think that people should use their own library cards. Not their neighbors, boyfriends, sisters, brothers, former college roommates. Seriously, is this too much to ask? I'm really curious what you non-library-working types think. And is it too unreasonable of library staff to boot someone off the computer when we discover they aren't using their own card?

I need to find my Happy Place - because honestly this crap isn't worth me getting upset over.

My latest column is up over at Romancing The Blog. Go forth! Leave comments!

In reading news, I'm almost blissfully finished with Goodness Had Nothing To Do With It by Lucy Monroe. How can I describe this book? Think Harlequin Presents with about 250 more pages attached to it. This one not only has an Alpha hero scarred by his illegitimate birth, but a once virginal heroine who sold his company secrets (hey, her younger sister needed experimental medical treatment for a rare blood disorder) and had his baby. And of course the baby is a secret baby! So he's pissed because she sold out his company and left town without a word. She's pissed because she loves him and all he ever wanted from her was s-e-x with no commitments. And golly, she can't tell him about his baby because then he'll try to take little Aaron away from her! Never mind that she was never prosecuted for her crime. Seriously the courts don't rip babies out of their mother's arms without having good reasons and our heroine is certainly not a crack-addicted prostitute knocking over liquor stores. No, she just can't open her mouth and actually communicate with the hero. In her defense, he can't talk to her either. Actually these two couldn't talk their way out of a paper bag.

The writing is good though. The plot and characters make me want to ram my head against a wall - but it's only taken me 2 days to finish it. I'm not sure what that says about me, but I think it does say that Monroe can write. She's just written a book that's driving me criminally insane.

I'm obviously having a bad week. Maybe it's time to consider Prozac...


shayera said...

We're having the same week. Must be something in the water here in SoCal. When I first moved here, people used to tell me that the Santa Ana winds made people act nutty. I'm doing my time honed talent of "not making eye contact". I am so tired of explaining to patrons that they are abusing a free system. And what a one hour time limit means.

And in reading news, I read the Monroe last week. Took me literally a couple hours before I went to bed one night. Don't disagree with a thing you said about it.

Nicole said...

There's something about Lucy Monroe's books. They're almost addicting. I can tell you what's wrong with them, yet I continue to read them. I suppose it's because I do think she's a good writer, I just don't always agree with her plots. Thought I didn't like Come Up much at all and not sure if I'll read this one.

I did actually like her Christmas Presents book this month. She made a secret-baby(well, sorta)/amnesia story good.

And Ready was excellent.

Wendy said...

My theory is that all the sunshine has a fries out brain cells. I've met more crazies since taking this job then I ever did working in the Midwest.

I can see the appeal in Monroe's books. Honestly. Even though the plot drove me crazy, I thought Goodness was well written. Actually this one has a high guilty pleasure factor if you can tolerate lack of communication and secret baby plots. It read very much like a soap opera.

Wendy said...

That should be "has a tendency to fry out brain cells."

Seriously, it's been a long day....