Thursday, November 3, 2005

OK, You Can Shut Up Now

It's a dangerous thing to stand Wendy up in front of a room and ask her to talk about romance novels. But that's what I was asked to do today, and I think it went fairly well.

I did a presentation at a meeting this morning for all of the library system's adult services librarians. It was basically a general reader's advisory talk about romances. So I covered things like all the sub genres, nifty web sites, and how librarians could help/cater to romance readers who use the library.

I never know how my attempts at public speaking will go. I tried to keep the presentation lively (especially during the romantica/erotica discussion!), and tried to address issues that several readers have mentioned to me in the past. Most importantly I hammered home that reader's advisory is about finding a book the patron will enjoy - not a book the librarian will enjoy. So if the librarian thinks all romance is tripe (which it isn't of course), they should still treat the patron with respect and not sneer at them.


Did everyone love my presentation? Well probably not - but the people who enjoyed it really seemed to enjoy it. The head of the department in particular was quite enthusiastic, and she tends to read non-fiction exclusively. In fact, she so enjoyed it she's looking into taking my dog and pony show on the road. I might be giving this exact same talk next week at a different library function.

Stay tuned.


Megan Frampton said...

Hey, that's great! Taking it on the road will be an impressive addition to your resume, too.

Kristie said...

Way to go Wendy!!!! What an excellent spokesperson you are for us romance lovers.

Kate R said...

do you have props and handouts

Wendy said...

Why yes, I did have props and handouts! I took several books to show as examples - for instance the difference between a traditional Regency and a single title historical. Also, how covers on some erotica novels can look quite innocent (I'm thinking of the Emma Holly reprints here!)

I also made up a handout of handy web sites to visit.

Oh, and I gave away a lot of goodies! Several autographed copies I got in Reno and some stuff RWA sent me (bookmarks etc.).

If I give my talk again this next week I won't have the goodies, but I'll still have my handout and props.