Thursday, October 13, 2005

Martini Lunch

It's been a banner day here at the library. I didn't just get to call 911 once, but twice!

The first incident is sadly, very common. My library is on a busy street which means lots of traffic accidents. I heard one this morning, saw the car in facing the wrong direction in the opposite lane, and called 911 to report it.

The second incident? Well let's just say I totally lost my temper. I had two library patrons (who were using public computers next to each other) get in a shoving match. Obscenities were exchanged - some of them by myself. Since they seemed unwilling to listen to me (especially after I told them to leave), I called the cops. Again.

This is not good. Everyone handles stress differently. Me? When I'm in a rage I get hysterical. I'm talking tears. I was completely out of my mind. That's me Miss Cool Calm Manager.

Maybe I should run away and join the circus.

Another example of when Library Patrons Go Bad is stolen books. I have a romance novel thief, so the other day I ran a report of all the romances in the building and did a shelf check. I thought you all might be interested in what people are stealing, so here are the titles that I donated that have since walked out the door permanently:

Two Catherine Anderson novels - Phantom Waltz and Sweet Nothings
While You Slept by Wendy Burge
Love Storm by Susan Johnson
Return to Me by Shannon McKenna

So I guess my romance thief likes sweet romances featuring disabled characters along with raunchy sex. Who knew?


Lilith Saintcrow said...

There is a special hell reserved for those who steal library books. How low can you go?

Here's hoping next week is calmer...

Teresa Bodwell said...

I love Phantom Waltz, but I swear, I bought and paid for my copy!