Monday, October 3, 2005

Baseball Talk

So long Alan Trammell. I'd say we hardly knew ya - but damn, you did play for the Tigers for 20 years.

Honestly, I'm not surprised by this. The Boyfriend and I were just discussing if Tram would have a job after the end of the season. I said no - not because my Tigers finished under .500 (again), but because the team just quit this last month. Heck, even that embarrassingly awful team from 2002 (119 losses) played with some fire in their bellies down the stretch.

A lot happened this season that wasn't Tram's fault. Carlos Guillen basically being out the whole season really hurt. Also, who expected Magglio to be out with a hernia? But I wasn't always wild with Tram's line-up choices or the way he called the games. Still, we need pitching bad. Whoever decided we should unload Kyle Farnsworth needs to be beat up side the head repeatedly.

So where does that leave us? Boston winning the AL Wild Card (again) and the Evil Empire winning the AL East. Again. I'm about ready to sell a kidney for a little variety.

Wendy's World Series prediction? The Skankies. They're rolling now folks, and unless the starting pitching takes a major dump, I don't see any other AL team beating them (the Angels have the best shot IMHO). And the NL? Puhleeze. I have no faith there. I mean, I know Boston had major momentum last year, but St. Louis should have kicked their asses. Instead they rolled over and died.

All in all, I'm rather depressed by the whole thing.


Tara Marie said...

Hey, watch those "skankies" comments--LOL.

Have you noticed not one gloating comment over on my blog, I refuse to jinx them.

Hey, if it's bugging you about NY and Boston winning again. How about Atlanta--14 straight division titles, now that's a team I can't stand.

Wendy said...

In my younger days I carried a small hatred for Atlanta, but I've mellowed a bit since then. I think it's because I know and care so little about the NL that "hate" is too strong a word.

And just for you, I'm going to publicly say that if A-Rod doesn't get the MVP that someone needs to start a letter writing campaign. David Ortiz? How can a guy who plays half the game be MVP?

Sorry Boston fans - I'm unmoved.

I suddenly feel so dirty. Gawd, I can't stand A-Rod!

Tara Marie said...

I so agree with you about Ortiz. He sits on the bench for the whole game and is nice and rested everytime he comes to bat, puhleeeeze. Come on A-Rod rocks!!!!

Kristie (J) said...

I was thinking of you when I heard about Alan Trammell. It does seem a shame. I grew up about 2 hours away from Detroit and watched them on TV for ages. He was a class player.
And I know what you mean about the Yankees (sorry Tara). I'm not really a fan of the NL either and I so don't want to see the Yankees win (sorry Tara) agaaaaiiiinnnn. I think I'll go for the underdog Los Angeles team.