Tuesday, October 4, 2005

The Aliens Have Landed

I know making fun of Harlequin's cover art department is like shooting fish in a barrel - but damn. Wait, check that. Damnity, damn, damn.

What is up with this chick? I can't decide if she's:

  • Possessed by a demon
  • Drank Kool-Aid offered to her by her friendly neighborhood cult leader
  • Under mind control from invading alien hordes
  • A Stepford wife
It's almost like I can hear sublimal messages buzzing in my head when I look at this cover. "Look into my eyes. You will buy this book. You will rob the local bank. You will shoot up your local post office with an AK-47....."

Seriously creepy. My condolences to Myrna MacKenzie.


Leya said...

OMG! That's a scary cover! Please tell me it's a joke! Please!

Caro said...

Yeah, it's a cliche that the H/S art department sucks dead toads, but there's always a reason for such cliches to come into existence.

If that was my cover, I think I'd cry.

Sam said...

How perky and cute! What are they trying to sell here? Anything but romance - this is definitely a children's book.

Kate R said...

that's got to take first at the AAR Worst Cover competition. The little pink spots on her cheek weren't bad enough, they have to have her do the booga-booga eyes, too?