Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Weepy Wendy

Consider the title of this post my idea for a new Harry Potter character.

I got up at an obscene hour this morning and drove my parents to the airport. I love my parents, I really do, but my mother cried. I hate it when she cries. Because then I start crying. Then I get homesick. I got home, crawled into bed and told The Boyfriend that I wanted my mommy, my binky and my blankie - in that order thankyouverymuch.

Yes, I am 30.

I consider this sort of behavior a direct side-effect of being the sensitive middle child.

Since my parents were visiting over the long weekend, I caught up on all the TV news coverage of Katrina. I tend to avoid TV news. My work schedule means more of my information comes from the 'Net. So I was in for a shock when I saw actual video footage.

I was also in for a shock when I found out Mike Brown's occupation before he became director of FEMA. All I can say is WTF?! Hey, The Boyfriend is looking for a new job, I told him he should apply for the soon-to-be-open position. At least he has a background in construction - which is a mite more revelent than Arabian horses. No offense to you horse-lovers out there - but honestly now.

All I can say is that someone is getting thrown under the bus for this disaster. Really and truly. My only fear is that the American public not living in the South will suffer from short-term memory loss and this will all be smoothed over by November elections. God, I hope not. This is a serious black-eye for our government officials - one which many of them so richly deserve.

And that ends our political rant for today. I normally keep this blog fairly "politic free" because I personally can't stand political blogs (I find the polarization among Americans these days frightening, sad, confusing and just plain fudged up). But alas, I'm behind on my reading thanks to Mummy and Daddy being here. I promise, I'll kick myself back into gear starting with today's lunch break.

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