Thursday, September 29, 2005

Library Statistics

As a general rule, most librarians live and breathe circulation statistics. They are one of the few concrete ways to measure how we are serving the communities where we work.

For kicks (OK, so I was bored), I thought I'd run a report and see how many romance paperbacks we currently have checked-out. These are books that are cataloged specifically as romance paperbacks, and I tend to make this a fairly literal section. For instance, I don't put Danielle Steel here. I also don't put JD Robb here. The latter is more of a subversive move on my part, just cuz I like to be sneaky.

Anywho, we have 78 total romance paperbacks checked out right now. Not bad considering my section is rather small (a few hundred total I'm guessing). Out of those 78, 25 are ones that I personally donated. I either read the book then donated it or picked it up for free at RWA in Reno and had no interest in it personally so added it to the collection.

And because I know you're all curious. 12 of those 78 were Nora Roberts titles.

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Annalee said...

Sadly, I've noted that the majority of romance and erotic romance I want to check out didn't seem to make it back. That's the only stat I notice, being a patron. I live in Reno. I went to the conference, so the library has gotten a few of those books so far too.