Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

You've had enough positive library stories haven't you? Time to get down and dirty.

Yesterday I had a patron play the race card on me. Why? Because she wanted to get her two children library cards and I asked to see her ID.

Then she started going off (in my incredibly full and busy library) about how we were racist and she was going to call her lawyer.


You know why librarians want to see ID? We like to verify that you are who you say you are. We also like to make sure we have correct address information on you in the event we need to hunt you down like a dog when you don't return library materials.

Trust me, it ain't got nothing to do with not being white. I'm a bitch to everyone. You have no idea how hard I bit my tongue to not say that. I've pretty much got a bloody stump left. Instead I placated her. I know, I don't feel very good about myself either.

In more pleasant news - I finished Lilith's kick-ass demon hunting librarian manuscript and it was most enjoyable. I have now unearthed To Dream Again by Laura Lee Guhrke from Mt. TBR as I've promised it to send it to Alyssa. One chapter in and I already suspect this is going to be a very, very good book. The hero is an absent-minded professor type, and the heroine is wounded heroine. She's got a dead husband who has left her in debt, a daughter who died in a fire, and scars on her hands from said fire. Oh, and her small East End factory (Victorian London folks) is about to get yanked out from under her.

I'll keep you posted.


Nicole said...

*whine* I want to find the time to finish the librarian book. Have you read her other books?

Ah..I thought of you today as I read the article in our local paper about a parent wanting to remove Go Ask Alice from the school library.

Tara Marie said...

I finished Lilith's kick-ass demon hunting librarian manuscript and it was most enjoyable.

That sounds good.

I can't imagine anyone having a problem with showing ID. Our library was updating it's records and asked for drivers license the last time I was in, no big deal.